Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello again blogger friends & healthy life

Surprisingly, I have been getting comments lately (and for some reason, a ton of spam, idk why), but it has reminded me of this little space I used to write in so diligently. And then I got busy and stopped eating well and working out and have been going up and down between the same 5-10lbs for about a year and 1/2 now. Has it been that long?!

Well I am back on my healthy eating plan now. It seriously is a mental thing, like I always say, and for some reason, it just clicked in my head that I AM going to lose weight now. FOR Reals. I don't know why that motivation comes and goes, but it's here now, so I'm being strict and just trying to lose some much needed poundage.

We even had guests at our house this week, and my boyfriend's mom in town, so dinners every night - with wine, cookies, cake, cake, cake, pasta, potatoes, everything cooked in butter (not my doing), mexican food and more cake and wine. And I didn't make a big deal out of it or anything, but actually did ok eating more veggies and small portions of the fatty stuff. Even with the cake (do you ever feel like it'd be rude, and a huge deal if you turned down birthday cake?), I had a piece and only picked at it.

It also helps that I have told people, mostly just my boyfriend actually, that I am going to lose weight and eat healthy, so I don't want to do this again where I lose some weight, can barely see the difference, and then go back to the milkshakes. I feel like telling people makes me a little accountable because if I do say eff it and reunite with the Oreos, then I'll feel like I failed and everyone knows it.

Since I've said I was going to lose weight a few times in the last year and didn't, I kind of just want to prove that I still can and that I'm not just the type of forever complain about it. It's a stubborn thing.

Plus, we have some trips coming up that I don't want to be all self-conscious during. California, for one.. um yeah, beaches and bathing suits.