Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Diet Bet

Has anyone tried Diet Bet?
It is a website- www.dietbetter.com - that allows you to bet on yourself and compete with others to lose weight and win money.

I'm thinking I should do this and have that extra push to lose weight.

Since my fiancé and I are getting married in about 9 months, there is a lot to save for right now and a lot of things we will have to be paying for in the near future. So... losing money is not an option. Maybe putting money on the bet that I will lose 4% of my weight will give me that extra push to make sure I don't slack off and that I really do lose the weight.

Right now I weigh about 172. So 4% of this would mean that I have to lose about 7lbs. This is doable for a month's goal.

I get kinda nervous/excited thinking about doing this. It would sure put the pressure on to lose weight tho! And then at the end of the month, I'd be 7lbs less and either get my money back or that plus some. Seems like a win-win.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Engaged! And losing again..

It's been so long since I've updated, which seems to be all I've written about for the last year. Sorry self and anyone who liked reading :(

But in happy news, I am engaged!! To the most awesome man :)

We're getting married the end of May 2014, so of course I am (back) on my mission to lose the final 20-30lbs I need to lose. I was on a roll there for awhile, and dropped about 70 in less than a year, and then for the last two years, I kind of just stayed around 170-180.

I can't even believe it's been more than 2 years since I was single, and just focusing all on myself and losing weight. And then I moved here to NC and things just kind of came together.

But there is nothing like a big white sleeveless dress to bring back the motivation to lose weight and look good! So I am back at it. I've been doing Weight Watchers (just on my own, writing down what I eat and counting points) and working out on the elliptical (so far, just 30 mins a day).

It's going slow, but it is going. And this time I really don't see myself stopping until I do lose the weight I want to because of the wedding. I shouldn't need a big event to do it, but man that's a good reason. Those pictures will last a lifetime, so I can't stop.

Thanks for the comments even tho I've been MIA and please leave me more. I hope to post more and to have this blog - and you guys - keep me accountable like it did when I was going strong.