Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fourth week itch? Feeling frustrated.

First couple weeks are always the best and the easiest. Once I started "being healthy" I lost 7lbs in the first 2 weeks and then these last 2 weeks, I've lost ONE pound. On Monday, I was 172.8, and now I'm, 173.3. So 8 lbs lost in a month, which is good, but I expected more than a lb in 2 weeks given the way I've been so on plan.

If I had been eating bad foods or overeating, then I'd be totally fine and understanding about it. But I have not been eating any snacks or anything "bad" at all. Pretty much every morning I have a smoothie (with just yogurt, banana, orange and ice), every day for lunch I have a salad (usually about 5 Weight Watchers points after dressing and whatever else), and then for dinner I have some sort of protein, lots of vegetables, sometimes rice, but never much. And then after dinner, I might have popcorn or a fudgsicle. This is a good meal plan!

I get soooo frustrated getting on the scale and seeing the same exact number day after day... all while I am straight up eating only healthy foods. And sometimes feeling bitter and deprived, haha. My boyfriend can eat anything and not gain weight, and eats snack cake things, peanut butter bar things, chips, ice cream, etc etc, and it takes effort not to join him. And what is all this effort and mindful eating getting me? Nothing. The last couple weeks anyway...

On Tuesday, we're going on vacation to California and I am looking forward to eating In N Out and whatever else I feel like eating. I won't jump off the deep end, but there will be no dieting while I'm there. And I hate to say that my motivation as of today is niet. Because right now it's not getting me anywhere. When I get back, I'll get back on the diet and start working out.