Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wedding diet update

I haven't blogged in so long. I miss it and I miss the connections I made with so many supportive people. When I first started blogging, it was such a help to have people to connect with and encourage me along the way. I read all of your blogs and enjoyed reading comments from those who read mine. But then I moved, and got busy with friends, a boyfriend, jobs, etc. and just slowly stopped blogging... and stopped focusing on losing weight. I was happy to have lost about 75lbs and just got complacent and felt like I was fine to stay where I was. Even though I didn't meet my 100lb goal. But boy does having my wedding coming up make me motivated enough to get back on the weight loss wagon and drop some pounds.

Since the end of February, I have eaten well and worked out. I use the Lose It! app and count the calories of what I eat. I love the app, and it has kept me organized and accountable about what I eat. (Highly recommend!)

I had reached the 20lbs lost mark last week, but then was in a wedding a drank and ate off plan. That's a nice way of saying I got good and tipsy and ate way too much. So the scale is up again.

My wedding is in 10 days! I am thinking I can stay on this diet (very restricted calories) and lose a couple more before the big day. I don't know if it'll even make a difference, but why stop now. I'm 5'4 so maybe I'll be able to notice a few more pounds lost.

One downside to dieting like this tends to be that I end up being way more critical of myself. Even though I've lost weight, I almost feel worse about myself. Go figure. Anyone else experience this?

Once the wedding is over, I'll start a new lifestyle plan to just eat sensibly, but not be so strict. I'll practice the "everything in moderation" rule and hopefully still get down to the goal weight I had when I first started this - 150.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Attitude toward food during Holidays?

I typically throw caution to the wind during the holidays when it comes to food. Hey, those Christmas cookies don't come out again for another 12 months. And who makes pumpkin pie in July?

I guess right now I have the mentality that I am not really 'on a diet' right now, and that I can eat whatever I want. But at the same time, I'm not going crazy with it. There's a balance between enjoying the holidays and not depriving yourself of all the good food and drinks, and making sure I don't gain 10lbs doing it.

I still have this inner battle about eating good (and only good, i.e., driving myself crazy) and being healthy, eating in moderation and making sure I think of it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. It's hard to fully change your mentality about this.
I've gained back a few pounds from the diet I was on last month, and I do kinda beat myself up about that. So much of the holidays is centered around food and drinks though, and maybe if I can just maintain for a few more weeks, then I'll get down to business. Not sure if that is logical or an excuses...
Does it ever get easier? Do emotional eaters ever rid themselves of that inner noise about food?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Won the bet

Not that I really have anyone following this blog anymore (sad...), but I forgot to post the results for the Diet Bet I was doing (bad blogger... sad, again).

But, yes, I did "win" the diet bet.

I had actually hit the goal after 3 weeks, but then had some social stuff, like a party and going camping with friends, that pushed the scale back up. Who doesn't want to get tipsy while camping? The only thing to do out in the woods is eat and drink.. and I guess some other stuff. But the highlight for me is the food and alcohol. That said, I screwed myself a little bit when we got back and the scale was up.

So I took a couple days to be CraZy good, and the day before the weigh in, I had me some salads and then spaghetti squash for dinner, and voilà, hit the goal the next day. Success.

All in all, I really liked the Diet Bet because it pushed me to do it when I normally probably wouldn't have. Money is a great motivator. I had $55 in it and got $85 back. If I had lost, I woulda lost the $55. But it does give you some serious anxiety too. My recommendation is to do it in a month where you have control over what you're going to eat most of the time, which I know some of you may argue that we always have control. But let's not put heavy pressure on ourselves to lose weight when we know we have holiday parties and love all the holiday drinks and desserts and good meals coming up. Ya know?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Less than 24 hours baby

I have to weigh in for the Diet Bet in less than 24 hours. This morning I was at 168.4 before I worked out, and 167.8 after I worked out. I am typically always less after a workout... so I don't know which number to believe. Thoughts?

Either way, I have about 1/2 lb to lose (or more, depending) by tomorrow to not lose my $55. Actually, I think they give you 24 hours to record your final WI, so maybe Wednesday morning.

This weekend was super fun. We went camping with some friends and hiked and ate and drank and laughed and talked. I brought healthy food like rice cakes and dehydrated veggies, but I did drink me some wine. I drank my fair share, let's say. This is why I didn't lose anything this weekend. Luckily though, I didn't gain.

Today's plan is healthy, HEALTHY eating and drinking lots of water. And will work out in the morning. And that scale had better be 167.4 or less. Anything else I can do?

This Diet Bet is awesome. With all my expenses for the wedding/honeymoon/Christmas/life... I really do not want to lose $55, so that is such a great motivator. It is also a little anxiety producing. I think I will do it again, but maybe in January when all the holiday goodness and socializing isn't going to get in the way. Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to stop losing weight, I'm still truckin!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ugh! One week left

This dietbet thing has got me really focused on the goal. Don't want to lose that money.

But ughhh I'm so over it. This thing breeds anxiety, but it is working because I haven't given up yet. I weigh myself every morning (168.2 today), but I usually do that anyway. Maybe my problem is boredom. I have a banana and yogurt for breakfast every day. I don't snack. I eat salads or something veggie-like for lunch, and then a leaned down dinner, and don't overeat.

I am so glad to push myself out of the 170's because that hasn't happened in about 2 years. But I'm kinda stuck at this 168 number. And I have to be 167.4 to win my diet bet money back - by next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday, is stuffed crust pizza day, and I'm making some dessert. Walmart has a crazy dessert shelf with all these seasonal cake mixes and no-bake goodness. It's happening. Can't wait.

With that said, I am thinking about doing another diet bet just to make me keep that anxiety motivation up.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Date Night and Still Stayed on Plan

So many times I have felt like if I am going out to dinner, going to a party or having people over, especially if drinks are involved, that I just need to make that a cheat day. Because how could I possibly eat healthy in situations like that? Well, I can. I just have to want to.

Last night, the fiancé and I went out to dinner. We had fried pickles as appetizers and I ordered salmon without the glaze and stuff it came with, drank a diet soda, and then we went out for frozen yogurt. I LOVE frozen yogurt. Of course, ice cream is great, but there is just something about a guilt free bowl of fro yo (with peanut butter cups on top) that makes it so much better.

This morning I woke up and worked out, and the scale went down even. It's good to know I can still go out, have fun, eat good and stay on my plan and lose weight. I'm past the point of being bitter I can't eat the junk, and am just motivated by seeing the scale go down. I feel strong and confident that I can do it.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Actually back in healthy habit mode

I'm sure I've said this before, but making a habit out of exercising and eating healthy is what makes you last in the long run. Right now, I can happily say that the scale has been going down and I feel like I am in habit mode.

When it's not a habit, it seems unnatural, depriving and generally just a pain in the ass. I will whine all day about how much it sucks that my fiancé can eat snacks all night and not gain weight, but if I glance over at his milkshake, I gain a pound. For looking.

But! After a few weeks of just pushing myself to eat better, it starts to be a habit, and I just go with it. After it's a habit, it gets so much easier.

Eating healthy and saying no to the fatty snack foods has also shown me what I actually like and don't like. Those little vanilla snack cake things? Eh, I could really care less. A donut? Or better yet, one of those new cronuts? Um, yes. Yes, I do want. This makes it easier to splurge on the thing I really want and say no to all the other things I just feel "eh" about.

So cheers to being in habit mode. May I stay in it til I reach my goal. (We all know the good habits can be very, easy come, easy go...)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just what I needed

This crazy little diet bet I signed up for was really what I need to get my butt in gear.

For some reason, the whole, "yeah, I need to lose weight..." thing isn't always a real thing. It isn't critical that I lose weight this week or this month. It can happen or not happen, and there are no huge consequences. (Other than being uncomfortable with staying at the same weight and being unhappy with the way I look, of course.)

Sometimes, there needs to be that extra push. And I guess when I put $55 on the line, especially when I have wedding and honeymoon stuff to pay for, it was just the push I needed to actually do it. Plus, I told friends and family that I signed up for it. And I got a  kind of weird mixed reaction. This is probably due to the fact that lately when I say I am going to lose weight, I never really do. I'm around 170, so losing 5 pounds is not going to make any difference. What's the point in saying I am going to lose weight if I am just going to lose 5-8lbs and stop and gain it back? I bet people are tired of hearing me say it. Or just not very confident that I will. Because track record says I won't these days.

When did I give up on my 100lb weight loss goal? When did losing 75lbs and just stopping become ok? I'm 3/4th of the way there. Why not finish? Why not make that little tracker at the top of this blog look all nice and pretty with the icon all the way to the 100lb mark?

I need to hit 167.4 by Oct 22 to not lose my $55, and this morning the scale was at 168.7. It's rare for me to see the 160's but I like it! No more 170s!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I bet $55 that I'll lose 4% in a month

Oh lord. I've done it! I bet $55 on dietbet.com that I will lose 4% of my weight in a month! I am in 2 of these games, one for $30 and one for $25.

I weighed in at 174.4 today. This is the official starting weight. To lose 4%, I need to lose 7lbs.

Sooo basically I am doing this and WILL lose 7lbs this month. Because I am NOT losing $55, but I AM losing 7lbs! And the plan is to win back even more than what I put in.

I think this is just the thing I need to put some fire under my ass and make me do it. I have been under this pattern of losing about 8lbs and then going back to the stress eating. Right now I need to push through the 170's and get the ball rolling again.

Wish me luck or feel free to join in on the bet for yourself!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Diet breaks?

How many of you guys take diet breaks? I cannot stop taking breaks from my diet. Well, really it's just me cheating on it. It's that whole Ross and Rachel "we were on a break!" thing. I like to say that I am taking a break, but really I'm just cheating on my diet with a whole bunch of junk food.

I'm not dedicated enough. I was the epitome of motivated when I was 250 lbs and needed to get back to a realm of normal. But now I'm 170's and can't break through. Or I shouldn't say "can't" rather than I just haven't yet. But I am getting married in less than 8 months, so now is really the time. If not now, come on, when?

As far as losing weight, I think everyone knows how to do it these days. It's not a magic secret. It's the very easy concept of eating clean and healthy, staying away from high calorie, processed foods and exercising. However, it's not that simple. I always say that it is a head game. Your head has to be in it and when it is, you'll lose weight with almost no effort. You'll just do what you need to do. When you're head's not in it - like mine isn't necessarily - it's a struggle.

I'll do good for a month or so, lose about 8 lbs and then stop. I'll get lazy, start eating poorly and then slowly gain it back. But I cannot do that this time. I have to lose AT LEAST another 10lbs, to be about 160 before the wedding. And if I am doing that, why not push it to 150? I can lose 20-25 lbs in 8 months, right? I lost about 70 lbs in that amount of time, so I can do. Need to do it, will do it, just do it.

How do you guys keep the motivation going?