Thursday, June 18, 2015

This is the one to read. {Goal: Reached}

Ok. So I am the girl who cried blog. I used to be so into this blog. I connected with some great people who were on their own journey right along with me. It helped me so much.

And then I moved. Got caught up in work and life. Met and married a wonderful man. And just got busy. I've been very up and down with my weight loss, losing 20 lbs, then gaining it back probably at least three times.

I wish I had continued on with this blog and stayed connected with the people who encouraged me and helped me. I wish I hadn't put my goal of losing 100lbs on hold at certain times and of course I could have done without the yo yo mess.

If I had, it might be more fulfilling to share the big news with you all (seeing as how I don't know if anyone will even see this)..

But I do have some super exciting news to share....
This was the week that I reached my goal...
Since my highest weight, I have lost 100 pounds!
I started this thing at 250, desperately knowing I needed a change. It hasn't been easy, or fast, but I did it.
I remember when I was blogging, I would follow some bloggers who eventually just bowed out, and I'd be bummed that they either quite on themselves or quite sharing with us how it was going. It was like a story without the ending. And then that's what I did. Sheesh. So I wanted to share my success story since I actually got there. And maybe I'll continue to post because I do feel like I've made a lifestyle change and I vow to not be in a constant cycle of gaining and losing forever. I also really miss this community I used to have.

If you landed on this post, say hi!


Alissa A Journey to Thin said...

Congratulations!! What an accomplishment. I am so proud of you! Happy to see you back! Now where are the before and after pictures? :)

Jodie said...

Well done!! Hold on to the happy moments! I went down 100 and back up 100 and now I'm on the way down again! Keep staying strong!
Jodie - at

Lindy said...

Awesome!! Congrats! (I know...I'm a little late to the party.)

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