Friday, November 22, 2013

Attitude toward food during Holidays?

I typically throw caution to the wind during the holidays when it comes to food. Hey, those Christmas cookies don't come out again for another 12 months. And who makes pumpkin pie in July?

I guess right now I have the mentality that I am not really 'on a diet' right now, and that I can eat whatever I want. But at the same time, I'm not going crazy with it. There's a balance between enjoying the holidays and not depriving yourself of all the good food and drinks, and making sure I don't gain 10lbs doing it.

I still have this inner battle about eating good (and only good, i.e., driving myself crazy) and being healthy, eating in moderation and making sure I think of it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet. It's hard to fully change your mentality about this.
I've gained back a few pounds from the diet I was on last month, and I do kinda beat myself up about that. So much of the holidays is centered around food and drinks though, and maybe if I can just maintain for a few more weeks, then I'll get down to business. Not sure if that is logical or an excuses...
Does it ever get easier? Do emotional eaters ever rid themselves of that inner noise about food?


Rose said...

Yikes! I'm wondering the exact same thing!

safire said...

For me, it did get easier as I felt more empowered and confident that I was going in the right direction. Some days are definitely easier than others. Planning is key.

Small setbacks are not the end of the world. We can reverse them :) that's the nice thing about this journey.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Pauline said...

I think it does get easier, but it never truly goes away!

Becky said...

I believe that the thing about emotional eaters and emotional eating is not as much about about as it is in fact about other problems we are not always able to resolve. Okay, that kind of problems that lead us to such compulsive behaviors are difficult enough to even pinpoint, so I think that the best we can do whenever we feel the urge to eat when we're not hungry is to just stop for a moment and think. Food is definitely not a good way to distract ourselves from our problems, nor is that itself a good idea.

Stay strong, I wish you lots of luck!

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