Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sup Strangers!

Hi everyone! First of all, I just want to say HI and I miss you all! I haven't blogged in so long. Life has been really busy. There have been a few of you (very few) that emailed me to see what's up, and I appreciate that SOOO much.

A little update -

I am working a full time job with an hour-long commute, so my free time has been cut way down. The job is something that will look good on my resume, but that is sucking the life and spirit out of me. I hate it and am looking for something closer to home. However, I live in a small town, so there are not many marketing jobs around here. Maybe I can get into a different line of work, but who knows what that would be. Any ideas?

In brighter news, I am dating someone pretty great and am now living with him. We've been together a little over 4 months, so we've moved a little fast, but it's going good. Most of my free time is spent with him.

As far as weight loss goes, I made a New Years resolution to lose weight and then just forgot about it. I just need to get my mind in the game like it was before. Right now, I am wrapped up in this job and trying to find another one, having fun when I'm not at work and just not making it a priority. I haven't gained any weight tho. I am sitting around 170 and have been for months.

But. Let's get to confession time. I don't work out. I don't eat that often (like overeating), but I do eat foods that are pretty bad nutritiously. I go out to eat a lot on my lunch break because I have friends at work and that's like the highlight of the workday, and most of the time it is very bad (yet really good, ha) foods. Mexican is my fave.

I have become aware in the last couple weeks that I am looking to food and alcohol for comfort lately. I find myself thinking about food more (like how it used to be when I was fat), and wanting bad foods just to make myself feel better. And I drink almost every night. Actually now that I'm talking about it, it's a wonder I haven't gained weight. I guess it's the busy thing that saves me.

I need to get with the program tho. I need to get back on track with my goal. I am comfortable at the weight I am, but I want to be more than just comfortable. I want to feel like I look great. Plus it would be good to focus on something healthy and productive and to be working towards something again.

Ahh life. Ok so there is my long-winded update! I will try to post more, and can't wait to read and catch up with all of you! I look forward to connecting with all of you again!


Erin said...

So happy to see that you're back and that you're in a happy relationship. Sorry to hear that the job isn't going great, but you're right, at the very least it'll look good on your resume. It's never too late to get back in the groove of things, baby steps....the one way I combat going out to lunch is to BRING my lunch...that way if someone asks, I have an easy out AND I have something healthy to eat - win win!!

Ann said...

Good luck getting back on track - you'll find a way and get into a groove if it's something that you really, really, REALLY want! :)

Diandra said...

Welcome back!

Bea Beautiful said...

I'm a new follower so this is your first post for me.

Sorry about the job not going great. That sucks. I used to enjoy a glass of wine a few nights a week with my husband, but ever since I started my lifestyle change I've been trying to stay away from it. I feel like the hidden calorie police. Someone offers me a food/drink and I'm like "How many calories are you hiding in there, strawberry wine?" It's borderline ridiculous.

Anyhoo, good luck getting back on track! I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

Missy said...

Glad you're back! I've got one of those jobs too and it sucks, period. It's frustrating, isn't it?

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Glad to see your back!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Congrats on the boy! That is so exciting!

Happy to see you are back too!

Brendalyn said...

Nice to see you back. Thinking about getting back on track is the first step, then if baby steps follow you will be rockin' again in no time.

Mer and Mo said...

I had a brain freeze today - and then it started to work again and I realized that I had not seen a post from you in a very long time. Even had to go down the list to remember which one - now, that is a bad bad bad of me!! Missing your updates, but when life does get busy there are other priorities - even if you give us a weekly update, that would work, right? If you can't blog, then journal, that might help you get back on track!!
Sending you congrats on the job, the co-worker friends and the new boyfriend!!! So many good things happening in your life - so much to smile about! Wishing you suceess in all that you do!!


Dawn said...

Ooooooh so the new boyfriend has really worked out - I am s pleased for you. Its good you are so busy and active and you haven't gained. You can eat healthily even when busy and move on the goal which would feel like a great achievement....I know you can. Lovely to see a post from you again xxx

Mrs. D said...

So sorry about the job!! I hate mine some days, but then I remember that there are a ton of people that would love to be at my desk right now!

Congrats on the relationship, maybe he can help motivate and support you while you get back on track? My hubby can be pretty bad about that, but it IS easier when he's eating healthier with me!

Good to see you back!

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