Monday, September 9, 2013

Diet breaks?

How many of you guys take diet breaks? I cannot stop taking breaks from my diet. Well, really it's just me cheating on it. It's that whole Ross and Rachel "we were on a break!" thing. I like to say that I am taking a break, but really I'm just cheating on my diet with a whole bunch of junk food.

I'm not dedicated enough. I was the epitome of motivated when I was 250 lbs and needed to get back to a realm of normal. But now I'm 170's and can't break through. Or I shouldn't say "can't" rather than I just haven't yet. But I am getting married in less than 8 months, so now is really the time. If not now, come on, when?

As far as losing weight, I think everyone knows how to do it these days. It's not a magic secret. It's the very easy concept of eating clean and healthy, staying away from high calorie, processed foods and exercising. However, it's not that simple. I always say that it is a head game. Your head has to be in it and when it is, you'll lose weight with almost no effort. You'll just do what you need to do. When you're head's not in it - like mine isn't necessarily - it's a struggle.

I'll do good for a month or so, lose about 8 lbs and then stop. I'll get lazy, start eating poorly and then slowly gain it back. But I cannot do that this time. I have to lose AT LEAST another 10lbs, to be about 160 before the wedding. And if I am doing that, why not push it to 150? I can lose 20-25 lbs in 8 months, right? I lost about 70 lbs in that amount of time, so I can do. Need to do it, will do it, just do it.

How do you guys keep the motivation going?


Sienna said...

I agree, I definitely take diet breaks, but usually only for a day or two. I find this gives me a little mental relief.

I also like to watch a lot of motivational videos which have really transformed my life; this helps me stay motivated and also helped me lose over 50lbs:)

Keep pushing forward!

Sam said...

Diets can be very hard to stick to. I have had problems in the past but now I am on the journey to thinness. Meet you there hehe. x