Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Won the bet

Not that I really have anyone following this blog anymore (sad...), but I forgot to post the results for the Diet Bet I was doing (bad blogger... sad, again).

But, yes, I did "win" the diet bet.

I had actually hit the goal after 3 weeks, but then had some social stuff, like a party and going camping with friends, that pushed the scale back up. Who doesn't want to get tipsy while camping? The only thing to do out in the woods is eat and drink.. and I guess some other stuff. But the highlight for me is the food and alcohol. That said, I screwed myself a little bit when we got back and the scale was up.

So I took a couple days to be CraZy good, and the day before the weigh in, I had me some salads and then spaghetti squash for dinner, and voilà, hit the goal the next day. Success.

All in all, I really liked the Diet Bet because it pushed me to do it when I normally probably wouldn't have. Money is a great motivator. I had $55 in it and got $85 back. If I had lost, I woulda lost the $55. But it does give you some serious anxiety too. My recommendation is to do it in a month where you have control over what you're going to eat most of the time, which I know some of you may argue that we always have control. But let's not put heavy pressure on ourselves to lose weight when we know we have holiday parties and love all the holiday drinks and desserts and good meals coming up. Ya know?


Spoonful of Me said...

Congrats on winning

Rose said...

Don't despair, I'm still following you!! Lol Congrats on winning the bet... I knew you'd do it ��