Sunday, January 30, 2011

January - 7.9lbs lost

My January weight loss was 7.9 lbs. I'm happy with that. It could have been better, could have been worse. Here’s how the month went. I started back on my weight loss plan on January 2nd. Not the 1st like most people simply because my family was cooking a lot of good foods on New Years Day and I didn’t want to be all bummed saying no to everything.

Then I started all gung ho, eating well and working out… for two days. Then I have to admit that for the rest of that week, I failed big time. I blame it on my sister because she was still home for college and eats like it’s her last day on Earth, every day. She wants to snack on good foods, make cheese fries, brownies, have happy hour, the whole thing. Seriously, when I’m with her, I feel like on one of those temptation challenges on The Biggest Loser. I get jealous because I gain weight so easily and she just stays thin no matter what… so I said screw it for the week. But then she went back to school and it was a lot easier to eat well and work out, and the 1st week back on course, I lost 5 lbs. Then my sister came back the next weekend, and when we’re not doing anything all weekend, I swear to you, she eats all day long, the fattiest, best tasting foods. And she suggests things for dinner that are really high calorie, and my parents will make whatever she wants because she’s just home for the weekend. It’s so hard to eat well with her around and then I just get bitter and end up sabotaging myself.

I shouldn’t let someone else's eating habits affect me, but especially since I'm just starting out again after taking a 2-3 month break, it's extra difficult. That week, I only lost 0.9 lbs because I kinda let it affect the rest of my week. But such a measly weight loss that week made me more dedicated and this past week I lost 2.2, for a monthly total of 7.9. I am happy for that loss, but keep thinking it would have been much better if I hadn't taken the first week off and hadn't half-assed it the third week.
My January workouts - pretty good this month!

My goal for February is to lose at least 10 lbs. I think that's a realistic goal if I stick to the plan of working out and eating right.


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel. It is the same way when I go home.
Just remember that you are working for you...she isn't. Try to do something with your hands or do an activity where eating is not involved (watch a movie, go to the mall etc).

If you are out of all other options, go for a walk... then you are removing yourself from the situation and being active.

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

It can be so hard when your family is eating whatever they want and you're trying to watch what you eat. Planning ahead is the only thing that gets me through. 7.9 lbs is a good amount lost- you should be proud of yourself!

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

You can always get back on track! Don't get down on yourself when slip-ups happen. Stay positive and push yourself to do better at your next meal, next workout, etc.

Kelly said...

I always think that part of losing weight is gaining weight or slowly losing weight. It takes time, but if you focus on you instead of the other temptations, you'll be fine! If your family cook food for her, then just cook your own food for dinner or stuff. Maybe they'll be jealous and want to try your food! :)