Thursday, January 27, 2011

Welcome to my (mostly weight loss) Blog!

Hi everyone! Since this is my very first blog post, I will introduce myself. I'm a twenty-something female currently working to get my life back in shape. That includes my weight, which I let get up to 250, my job/career situation, which right now is nonexistent, and various other aspects of my life. I recently went through a breakup with a guy I had been with for a long, long time, and moved home with my parents.

It was after graduating from college that my life just took a huge nose dive. I couldn't keep a job, my ex worked all the time, I didn't have many friends in the area, and I was just unhappy with my life. That's basically how I managed to gain about 70 lbs in 2 years - not normal! A few months ago, the ex and I broke up. That's when I stopped and was really forced to look at my life and figure out where I went wrong and what I need to do to fix it.

I need to start getting myself back, hence the start of this blog. After the breakup, I lost 30 lbs. Nothing kicks your ass into gear like being single and knowing you have to get back into the dating world! And being miserable helped in my case too. Then the holidays came and I took a little vacation from eating well and exercising. Who wants to count Weight Watchers Points during Christmas? Not me, as I have a passion for Christmas cookies. But that is what I am doing - Weight Watchers. I did it a few years ago, so I know the basics and have just decided to do it myself rather than the meetings or online. At first, I thought that I should officially sign up so I am accountable every week, but then I decided that I need to be accountable to the person this affects the most - myself! Sundays are my Weigh Days and I keep track just like they do in the meetings.

So of course, my weight loss goals are kicked into high gear now that it's a new year. I have been doing the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program and working out on the elliptical machine 4-7 times a week. Since I don't have a job, there is really no excuse to not work out daily. I've been looking up new recipes and ideas and finding ways to get the most food for my points, so I look forward to sharing all that with you guys! (I think my dad is getting a little tired of hearing how many points something is!)

I have also started reading weight loss blogs for inspiration and that is why I am deciding to start my own.  I'll give props to my favorite blog so far, called A Journey to Thin - Alissa is doing WW too and documents everything she eats with pictures, which I love!, as well as recipes and random fun things. I like having someone to share my new findings with, someone to bitch to about calories or weight loss struggles with and learning from others who are going through the same thing! I hope I can follow some great blogs and get followers for mine so we can all help each other!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!! Blogging is an awesome way to keep track of yourself and keep yourself motivated. I am also a twenty something and am doing WW so feel free to check out my blog too! I am excited to track your progress.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Congratulations on starting your blog and making the decision to get your life back! :) So sorry for the hurt you have been through recently. I'm sure life will turn around and you will find yourself and happiness again! I'm looking forward to following your journey!! And thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, I appreciate it and I'm glad you enjoy it!