Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Need to get me back... Again.

I started this blog when I was needing to get myself back to who I really was. After gaining so much weight, and going through other life stuff, I didn't know who I was. I had let myself go in more ways than just physically, and I made the decision that I needed to get ME back.

So I made this blog so I could use it as a little journal therapy and get support from other bloggers going through the same thing. And it worked. It kept me accountable. It made me sit down and think about what I was doing every day and write about it. And I made some cool blogger friends that were supportive and helpful and gave me new perspectives.

Somehow in the last 6 months, I kinda lost my footing again. I got caught up in working a lot, going out a lot and making yummy food with my boyfriend (who can eat anything and never gain weight), finding better things to do than working out, etc etc. Outcome? I have gained 10 lbs.

And I hadn't even reached my goal, so I am just backtracking and undoing my progress. So... I need to get me back again. Not only do I feel like I've lost myself in terms of gaining some weight back and falling into bad eating habits, but I am at square one with my job situation and wanting to do something different. I'm unemployed and feeling like I don't know what to do with myself. But instead of whining, I need to be proactive and do something about it. Not sure exactly what that means right now, but I will figure it out.

So here's to me getting myself back...

I will lose 10 lbs this month... this means eating healthy and working out.
I will get up by 8:30 and work out.
I will volunteer somewhere this month.
I will focus more on freelance writing, which is what I've been doing to make money these days.
I will try to make friends here.
I will blog more and hopefully get my awesome support team back.


safire said...

Good luck getting refocused. I also backtracked the latter part of 2011 and have spent all of 2012 getting back on track! You can do this!

Have a wonderful Month!

~Lori~ said...

You can do it! At least you're aware of what is happening and caught yourself at 10 lbs and not somewhere farther along the line! You know how to do it, and I'm sure you'll do great!

Diandra said...

Have you enlisted your boyfriend's support? I know it's weird talking weight with a guy, but they can be great support. He may help you find delicious healthier things to cook, do outdoor activities with you and help you be accountable. Most of them don't want to know the details, but they will surely give yo usome pep talk every now and then, and help choose healthier food. Plus, if he joined you with some of it, he might even improve his own health. See? Win-win-win situation. ^^

The BF hardly ever gains a pound, no matter what he eats. Still he is a great supporter, eating my vegetable-laden dishes without complaint and helping me make time to work out. (In return, I help him make time for running and playing "Skyrim" at night.)

Lindy said...

You can do this! And you totally WILL. I just made it to the gym tomorrow, and even though I already know this, I felt FAN-freakin-TASTIC after doing so...and all I did was some weight training and a super short run. But sometimes, it's those little victories that matter. Stack up a bunch of little victories and they'll add up to one BIG one! I'm happy to be your friend and keep you company. I'm trying to get geared up for marathon training season, and want to be in the 160s by the time it starts.

kristi said...

I need to do that as well!

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