Monday, September 17, 2012

Can't believe it's mid September

Wow, time is just flying by. I can't believe summer is pretty much over and we're already halfway into September. I am excited for fall, leaves changing color, wearing sweaters, pumpkins, apples.

I actually haven't weighed myself in awhile. Been busy, had to go out of town this past week, and haven't been thinking about dieting. But I did get on the scale today and was happy to see 170.6. It's gone down without trying too much and still having meals out and alcohol.

I plan on starting to eat healthy again. I think this time I am just going to eat healthy and not put so much pressure on myself. I won't eat ice cream every night or snack on bad stuff all day, but if I am dying for a cookie or whatever it is, I'll just have one.

I'm realizing that my all or nothing attitude is not doing me any favors, so by relaxing a bit, maybe it will just come together naturally.


Tri Chic ~ Jury said...

Glad you're not putting so much pressure on yourself anymore and it's paying off! Keep up the great work :)

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

I am the same way, I can't put too much pressure on myself or I just completely fall off the wagon. Moderation works best for's just a matter of actually PRACTICING it!

Anonymous said...

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grace said...

The worst thing you can ever do is pressure yourself, It is ok to be pressured from other people but if you do it to yourself you are on a downward slope from the get go.

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