Friday, October 11, 2013

Actually back in healthy habit mode

I'm sure I've said this before, but making a habit out of exercising and eating healthy is what makes you last in the long run. Right now, I can happily say that the scale has been going down and I feel like I am in habit mode.

When it's not a habit, it seems unnatural, depriving and generally just a pain in the ass. I will whine all day about how much it sucks that my fiancé can eat snacks all night and not gain weight, but if I glance over at his milkshake, I gain a pound. For looking.

But! After a few weeks of just pushing myself to eat better, it starts to be a habit, and I just go with it. After it's a habit, it gets so much easier.

Eating healthy and saying no to the fatty snack foods has also shown me what I actually like and don't like. Those little vanilla snack cake things? Eh, I could really care less. A donut? Or better yet, one of those new cronuts? Um, yes. Yes, I do want. This makes it easier to splurge on the thing I really want and say no to all the other things I just feel "eh" about.

So cheers to being in habit mode. May I stay in it til I reach my goal. (We all know the good habits can be very, easy come, easy go...)


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