Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Just what I needed

This crazy little diet bet I signed up for was really what I need to get my butt in gear.

For some reason, the whole, "yeah, I need to lose weight..." thing isn't always a real thing. It isn't critical that I lose weight this week or this month. It can happen or not happen, and there are no huge consequences. (Other than being uncomfortable with staying at the same weight and being unhappy with the way I look, of course.)

Sometimes, there needs to be that extra push. And I guess when I put $55 on the line, especially when I have wedding and honeymoon stuff to pay for, it was just the push I needed to actually do it. Plus, I told friends and family that I signed up for it. And I got a  kind of weird mixed reaction. This is probably due to the fact that lately when I say I am going to lose weight, I never really do. I'm around 170, so losing 5 pounds is not going to make any difference. What's the point in saying I am going to lose weight if I am just going to lose 5-8lbs and stop and gain it back? I bet people are tired of hearing me say it. Or just not very confident that I will. Because track record says I won't these days.

When did I give up on my 100lb weight loss goal? When did losing 75lbs and just stopping become ok? I'm 3/4th of the way there. Why not finish? Why not make that little tracker at the top of this blog look all nice and pretty with the icon all the way to the 100lb mark?

I need to hit 167.4 by Oct 22 to not lose my $55, and this morning the scale was at 168.7. It's rare for me to see the 160's but I like it! No more 170s!

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