Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ugh! One week left

This dietbet thing has got me really focused on the goal. Don't want to lose that money.

But ughhh I'm so over it. This thing breeds anxiety, but it is working because I haven't given up yet. I weigh myself every morning (168.2 today), but I usually do that anyway. Maybe my problem is boredom. I have a banana and yogurt for breakfast every day. I don't snack. I eat salads or something veggie-like for lunch, and then a leaned down dinner, and don't overeat.

I am so glad to push myself out of the 170's because that hasn't happened in about 2 years. But I'm kinda stuck at this 168 number. And I have to be 167.4 to win my diet bet money back - by next Tuesday.

Next Tuesday, is stuffed crust pizza day, and I'm making some dessert. Walmart has a crazy dessert shelf with all these seasonal cake mixes and no-bake goodness. It's happening. Can't wait.

With that said, I am thinking about doing another diet bet just to make me keep that anxiety motivation up.


Rose said...

I just starting following you and LOVE your blog!! Good luck on that last pound... You can totally do it!!

Jodie said...

Up your water, cut down on salt, add some protein. You should be able to make it!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

You can do it!

Diana said...

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