Friday, July 27, 2012

2nd Week's WI

172.2, so I lost 1.3lbs. Not much, but I guess it's to be expected after last week's crazy weigh in.Yesterday, the scale said 171.1. But I did go out to lunch and get a salmon BLT... so maybe that did me in.

I've been eating well tho. I worked out once. I probably need to get back into working out like I used to, every day on the elliptical.

The first few weeks of getting back into the routine of being healthy really do suck. It takes up so much of my thoughts and I hate having to count things and monitor this and that rather than just throwing caution to the wind. Ugh... But it has to be done so this is what I gotta do. And I am waiting for it to become natural and not such a big deal again, like when I was doing well and in a rhythm. And not bitter... :)