Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breakfast dilemma

Me and my boyfriend used to always eat breakfast together. We'd make bacon, eggs, and toast. Well now that I am watching what I eat, my breakfasts have gone out the window. Counting Weight Watchers points, each egg is 2 points (and I'd usually have 2), each piece of toast is 2 (I'd have 2) and each piece of bacon is 1 (which I would have 3-4). Plus butter on the toast and used to cook the eggs... That's a lot of points!

The other day, I did have some bacon and made scrambled eggs, using one egg and 2 egg whites. The eggs were bland, so I put some seasoned salt on them, but I do miss my eggs over easy, with toast for the yolks. I also miss just cooking and having breakfast with my man. Lame.

Lately I have yogurt and a piece of fruit (2 pts). I can't really think of any good breakfast foods. Before, I used to always make smoothies, which are good. But other than the whole fruit/ yogurt combo, I don't know what else to make. Any ideas?


Erin @ Smaller in time said...

Not sure they're available everywhere but I'm obsessed with egg beaters southwestern style. I literally make scrambled eggs with them everyday and find them to be super delicious. I don't know much about WW so I don't know what this is point wise, but perhaps it's an option?

Cristeen said...

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Diandra said...

You could still have breakfast together. The BF and I do that on weekends (during the week he has to leave early, so he has breakfast while I fix office lunches and stuff, and I eat later while writing): He gets his rolls and meat and eggs and such, and I either fix a bowl of oats with some fruit or a few slices of my homemade bread with vegan spreads and fresh veggies. We do not eat the same ,but at least we get to spend time together, and that is plain lovely.

Leah said...

How about Canadian bacon (70 calories, 2.5g fat) instead of real bacon (70-80 calories, 6g fat), poached egg (71 calories, 5g fat) or whatever it's called like a McDonalds egg mcmuffin and a whole wheat english muffin (around 134 calories)? Add a little mustard or whatever and you're looking at a breakfast that's less than 300 calories and 7g fat. :)

Or turkey bacon? It's about 1/2 the calories as regular bacon I think.

Or maybe a veggie omelet?

Mmmm makes me want breakfast!

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