Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Old habits die pretty darn hard

It's not going to be easy.. but it will be worth it. I need to remember this. I'm struggling. This past weekend was fun, I hung out with my cousins and went out to eat and had family dinner. And.... it killed my diet. I drank way too much one night. I ate bad foods, like ice cream and cookies and chips and guacamole.

And today the scale shows it. 174, which is about 2-3 lbs more than before this weekend. Then today, we have avocado and tostitos still and I had some for lunch, telling myself I was being bad the whole time and not stopping. My mom also sent me home with some cookie cake, you know, "for the boys" (my boyfriend and roommate). They haven't touched it and  I've eaten half. Ugh!

It's hard to feel like I want everything that I can't have. There's not much getting around that so I just need to put blinders on and focus on the goal. The faster I can lose this weight, the better. Then I can live normally and just maintain rather than have to diet and lose. (That's my hope!)

On a side note, are there any new followers or new people who's blog I should check out? I miss blogging back when I had lots of supporters and read everyone's blogs regularly!


safire said...

You can get back on track! The 2-3 lbs is probably mostly water weight!

I have a hard time with social eating too sometimes.

Diandra said...

Involve the people around you. They need to support you!

Lindy said...

I agree with the comment above...next time don't take Mom's cookie cake--I wish she wasn't sending stuff home with you, although my family is the same way. If for some reason you can't keep her from giving you stuff like this, just throw it away before you even get home. I used to do that...I'd leave my relatives houses with leftovers from whatever celebratory dinner and head to the nearest gas station and dump it. Wasteful? Yes--very much so. But better to be wasteful than WAIST-FULL. :) (trademark pending, lol)

per your side note: I've picked back up my running blog, if you're interested.

Chubby McGee said...

I stinkin' hate how it seems that ONE day can make the entire scale (and the entire body) go ape and gain. It's criminal! It shouldn't be allowed.

Just keep trying. Just keep going. Never quit!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Drink lots of water and you'll be back on your game in no time!

Erin @ Smaller in time said...

I have a blog roll on the left hand side of my blog with some of the blogs I follow - check them out!

Auravie said...

I bet you was back on it in no time and was it water weight?

@Erin - I will check your blogs out now thanks x

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