Saturday, August 4, 2012

WI - Making up for last weekend

This week's weigh in - 171.1, so I lost about a pound. This is because of last weekend, eating bad and drinking too much. I didn't think I was eating/ drinking that bad but the scale tells a different story. So after Monday, I was basically just trying to undo the damage I did those last 4 days.

I need to start working out more too. I'm getting a little down about it. I want the weight to come off faster, especially if I am typically saying no to everything I want to eat.



Erin @ Smaller in time said...

Hey I think you're doing pretty damn good :-) Don't obsess over the pace at which you lose, ANY loss is a good loss.

Lauren Jones said...

A loss is still a loss! I know its disheartening when you want it to be more, but at least you know why it isn't and can move on and start afresh this week.
You're doing fantastic :) keep it up and don't get down about any of it!


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