Saturday, August 25, 2012

Confused :(

Today the scale said 172.4. What? How could I have gained 2 lbs in a day?

I definitely didn't eat anything too bad yesterday either. I had cereal for breakfast, leftover pizza for lunch (yeah, not so good), grapes, then steak, a sweet potato and green beans for dinner, and a fudgsicle later on. NOT 2lbs worth of food.

I don't get it... I'm confused. And a little pissed. I feel like that last week I took "off" screwed me up so bad. Why is it so hard right now? I am working out on the elliptical and making better eating choices and am having nothing to show for it.

What do I need to do? Eat nothing but protein and vegetables this next week?


Enz said...

Daily scale fluctations are nuts...water, hormones, sodium...if you're going to weigh every day then you have to look at the overall weekly average. Day to day is crazy. Don't beat yourself up over day to day weigh ins. Just keep doing the right things.

Enz said...

Lots of other articles too.

Just choose joy... said...

The body is an amazingly frustrating thing at times. There is simply NO WAY you gained 2 real pounds in a day. What you gained is probably water that will flush out in a day or two.

But the scale - seeing the extra pounds -- yeah that's tough.

Diandra said...

Okay. Stop weighing in every day. And stop screwing up with your food. You need to find a good balance, otherwise your hormones will eventually be so out of balance that you will have a hard time losing anything at all.

Start by healthifying one meal at a time, or by eliminating one bad habit at a time. Find out what you can easily do without, and which things you want to hang on to. (And then go and find healthier replacements for the things you want to keep.)

Maybe go over your blog and read the posts from the beginning. That might give you a few clues.

Anonymous said...

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