Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Healthy Clean Eating

I'm not sure what my "diet" is right now- I am just aiming to eat healthier and make sure I stay within what I know my Weight Watchers points are. I did WW before, so I know the points values better than calories, so I just keep a mental note of how many I've had all day.

I know a lot of people who are doing the "clean diet", which seems to just be everything that is natural. Nothing that comes in a yummy potato chip bag or cookie box... Mostly proteins and fruits and vegetables. The most starchy thing I am eating these days are potatoes.

I'm not officially eating clean or not eating any carbs, but just by watching my points (which I recommend to everyone), I am automatically doing that.

Like tomorrow, I am going to be having lunch with a friend who is coming over with sandwich meat... and I am realizing that unless I want to make a big deal out of being on a diet now, I'll have to have a sandwich with bread and the whole shebang. I just think it's funny how having 2 slices of bread is so unappealing to me now. I would so rather use my points in a different way than have a lame-o sandwich.

I am happy to say that I am seeing a shift in the way I am feeling about food and eating. I am being strict and while it sucks to have to turn down some foods, at least it's becoming a habit to just eat clean and healthy.

In other news, I've started working out.. 3 days in a row now. Hopefully that'll make the scale move this week!


Michelle H. said...

Hahaha! sweet!! Happy that you started working out! I just did too. I know from previous that I feel emotionally better about so many things when I'm working out regularly.

I would say, make yourself a half sandwich and have some fruit and veggies on the side or just LOAD your sandwich with veggies. Or get some wraps or pitas instead of the bread slices. I swear everything in a wrap tastes better to me. Good job!

Enz said...

It is good to hear your post so optimistic!

Diandra said...

You could also try a starch-based approach to food. Am doing that right now, and feeling better than when I did low-carb. While losing weight. (I love potatoes, bread and pasta, so it's a win-win-win situation. ^^)

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

Congrats on working out 3 days in a row! That will definitely help. Good luck this week!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

That is great that you are back to working out!

It is amazing what a difference cutting bread out can make!

ThunderThighs said...

You could also suggest having those sandwich thins instead of the bread. And good job on three days in a row of working out! :)

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