Thursday, August 23, 2012

New me, new blog look?

I'm starting to think that my blog needs a little update. I started it over a year ago, and feel different now than I did then. And my blog should reflect that. It's feeling a bit dull.

When I first started blogging, I had lost 30 lbs (of the 80 so far), was really excited about losing weight, very gung ho and had lots of time to blog. I was so into it and it helped so much. I had some great followers and fun blogs to stay on top of. I was also very lost and feeling like I had lost myself so much and very much needed to "get me back."

Now I still feel a little bit like I need to get "me" back, and especially reach my ultimate goal of 100lbs lost, but I have gotten so much of myself back already. I am not as lost as I was back then. I have more confidence, I know who I am a little more now. And I still love blogging and having great supporters, altho I feel like I lost a few of them in my blogging absence.

So that's where I am now... and I'm thinking my blog needs a little face lift. My template is just a plain old standard one. I see so many cool blog headers that are custom made - how did you guys do that?

If anyone has any suggestions of new pages, sections, ideas, etc, please let me know.

Also I would love some help on how to make a custom template and a new header! Do you use stock photos? What program do you use?

Thanks guys!


Nicole said...
has some really cute backgrounds

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

It's so great that you have found yourself again and it didn't revolve around the weight loss. You are doing a great job!

GildedDiva said...

Hey, you have such a beautiful portal, it was impossible not to comment on this one! Also I can't wait to ask you one thing that I am curious about. Is it a paid theme that you buy online or you used a free one?

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