Monday, August 13, 2012

A little bit of a cheat weekend

I had a fun weekend. Me and the man went to visit his uncle out on the lake, went out to lunch and dinner, then hung out with my family that's in from out of town yesterday. It was a good time, and I was a little lax on the diet.

By the time we had lunch on Saturday, I was famished, so when someone suggested we go to a Mexican restaurant, I didn't object and ended up eating chips and a burrito. Oh well. Then we had a busy day, and ended up eating pretty late, stopping at a steakhouse. Again, I was so hungry, I just didn't care and ate SO much. This was definitely a "throw caution to the wind" kind of cheat meal. Oh well. It was good for my sanity.

Yesterday wasn't exactly a full out cheat day, but it wasn't healthy. I had wine and chips and guacamole when we had dinner with the fam and cheesy potatoes.

And I guess I'm on a roll because I already had a cookie and a bowl of cereal today.

That's what cheating can do - derail you. I won't let it tho. I think I needed a little cheating because the diet was making me crazy and cranky.

I need to incorporate more somewhat healthy, but still good treats into my diet so I don't always feel deprived. I also need to allow myself to have one random cookie if I want it and not be so strict.

It's gotta be a lifestyle change not just a diet. Plus I really don't want to be hating life the whole time I'm losing weight. There's gotta be a happy medium, so I'll find one!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Preaching to the choir! We can get back on track!

Diandra said...

I think you need more snacks. If I skip snacks, I eat the cats for dinner. (They are big cats.) Just get used to packing some fruit or nuts, a cereal or protein bar or some healthy wholegrain cookies when you head out the door. (I love bars because they are grab-and-run.)

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