Thursday, September 1, 2011

Much more active

A year ago, if you had asked me what I liked to do for fun, I would have said something like, watch TV, watch movies, go out with friends, read, relax, etc.

But now if you were to ask me, I would still say those things, but I would also say I like to hike, take walks,
play tennis, play Wii especially the dance games, lay out by the pool, swim laps and work out. Lately I have been doing all these active things without even realizing just how much more it really is. Don't get me wrong, I still love my TV, but it is nice to be doing fun outdoorsy things now that end up being an added workout throughout the day.

Lately I make sure to do my regular workout, but then many times will add another workout or go play tennis or swim laps in the pool or play Wii with my sister.

Maybe it has something to do with the place I moved to, since there is absolutely nothing to do here but outdoorsy stuff... My parents live in this community that has the pools and tennis courts and all that... and I will make a confession right now... my sister and I did water aerobics yesterday. Yep, it was us with the old ladies just gettin a lil workout in! Funny stuff... might go back tho, why not!


Christie said...

That's awesome. Right now my runs are "work". I'm struggling but hopefully I will soon have your same attitude! Keep it up girl!

~Lori~ said...

I just got finished reading your blog, and you're such an inspiration. You have such determination, and I'm going to use that as motivation for me. I just started C25K last week, so I did week 2 day 1 today, and I agree--it pretty much sucks. (I've done the program once before, years ago) But I want to be a runner. I wanted to quit after the first 2 runs today, but knew if I did, it wouldnt get me closer to my goal, so I kept going.
Keep up the great work!