Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Recap - 2 lbs lost

Yay, the August recap is actually on time this month! I lost 2 lbs this month. I wish it were a better loss, but a loss is a loss, so I won't complain.

This month was a wishy washy kind of month in terms of losing weight.

I worked out 22/30 days, with a couple even being double workout days. I have been making a real effort to just be more active, whether this means hiking, taking the dogs for more walks, swimming laps in the pool or playing wii.
However, my eating has varied from good to bad. And I've heard that 80% of the weight loss battle is the eating part, hence my little weight loss this month.

In September, my goal is to stay completely on track and lose 7-8 lbs, which would mean getting out of the 170's. 


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Good luck in September! You can do anything you put your mind to!

Christie said...

You can do it girl!! It will be so worth it at the end of the month when you can tell us all your in the 160's!! :)

Dawn said...

A loss is a loss but...wishy washy doesn't sound like you! I find it true too the eating is the key but more than that for me anyway is where my mind is. Wanting to do it, wanting to succeed is the key for me.
make september a successful month! Go for it