Sunday, August 28, 2011

Annoyingly Typical Weigh In

I'm 177.0, which means I've gained 1.8 lbs since last week.

What happened?

The good: I worked out 6/7 days, with day even doing a double workout.

The bad: While I "tracked" what I ate, I always went over, thinking I was just using my Weekly Pts.

What I think is the main culprit: Emotional eating. I thought I had a better handle on this, but apparently I don't. It's been a little bit of an emotional week, I've felt down about certain things, and I definitely turned to food and knew I was doing it, but didn't even care...

Will I ever get past 175? I have been stuck between 175 and 179 for MONTHS. It is so frustrating. It is also all my fault, so I can't really complain unless I'm going to do something about it.

So there it is. Another week lost. I'm pretty much pissed at myself. I need to get serious about this. I need to stop the overeating. I can't believe how much I am struggling these days.

*Update: After I wrote this, I did a 30 minute DVD (Bob's Biggest Loser bootcamp) and an hour on the elliptical, and put in a lot of effort because I was pissed. For me, pissed = motivation. I burned 915 calories and weighed myself again, and it was 176.1. Is it cheating to count that weight instead since we're still on the same day? No? Ok, great. So I gained 0.9 lbs. Still in the wrong direction, but gunna lose it this week. Cuz I'm pissed...


pglm said...

hang in there and don't give up..i'm right there with the same number...

No Thanks to Cake said...

Have you ever thought about reading up on Emotional Eating? I read this book and REALLY recognized myself in. It's helped me recognize it when it happens and STOP.

Hang in there, and GREAT job with the Bob workout!

Bonnie said...

God plateaus suck and make me pissy as well.....way to use it as a motivational tool.....I think I might try that!!!

Michelle said...

No it's not cheating! You put in the work! You earned it. And good on you for the activity, I've been lagging at every minute. Over this weekend, I've been spot on so that I can hopefully fingers crossed stay the same because I know as of yesterday, it would have been up. Oh emotional eating. I know what you mean.

Diandra said...

Strange... I've heard from several people how it was virtually impossible for them to get past 175lbs... but in the end, it is just a number. Maybe it is messing with your head?

1. Don't use your weekly points.
2. Drink enough.
3. Don't weigh in for a week or two while eating well and working out.
4. Drink dandelion or urticaria tea (helpw with water retention).

That way, you should definitely get past that point.

(When I became stuck around 70kg, I switched from doing a WW-like point program to simply counting calories. The transition was easier than I had thought, and in a little over one week, I have lost 2.6kg.)