Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Damn cookies

My family went grocery shopping today and bought 2 boxes of cookies- like the really good homemade kind. One white chocolate macadamia nut and the other cranberry white chocolate... And those are my all time favorite.

When I walked in the kitchen and saw those, I was like, "Aww what are you doing to me?!" And my mom made some joke about how she didn't want them to buy them either because she is watching her weight too.

Then I jokingly said, "Well guess I'm not losing any weight this week..." And then I realized how horrible that sounded! Like hello... I am not powerless over the damn cookies. I have a choice of whether I want to eat them or not.

So I did have one today but that is it. No more cookies for me. (But hopefully they eat those damn things quick and get them out of here! lol)

*Yes, I know everyone else who is not dieting should be able to buy and eat whatever they want... I am mostly joking here. But it sure does make it harder!


Erin said...

That's the absolute worst. But I think it's good you let yourself have one, this journey is a lifestyle change that requires balance - just because you're being healthy doesn't mean you can't have what you love from time to time....you just can't ALWAYS have it.

Ann said...

It's difficult having people in your life who are sabotaging your efforts at healthy living. But you can't control anyone else - you are absolutely right, YOU CAN CONTROL YOURSELF and what you put in your body. Set yourself a GREAT non-food reward (manicure, massage, new book, etc.) for not eating any of those cookies. You got this, girl!!! :)

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I know how you feel! It's so hard to be around that kind of stuff - especially at home!

No Thanks to Cake said...
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No Thanks to Cake said...

Good luck, lady! Just tell them not to speak to you effective immediately. I have the most trouble when they start calling out my name. :)

Dawn said...

Its easy to have any bad foods all around you when that voice in your head is resolute and you DONT want it. Its soooo hard to have the little voice whispering...go on, you know you want to!
I find it helps to have things I don't want to want safely in storage boxes. I don't find it so hard as lying there on a plate or in an open packet. Others in the house have the foods they want but in closed boxes that I choose not to open. It helps me