Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to Sunday WIs

Apparently making my weigh ins on Friday messed with my head, and since I am already struggling to get back to a good routine and eating healthy, it only made it worse. I chose to weigh in on Friday and then not worry about anything for the whole weekend and then once I got back to Monday and the weekdays, I didn't improve then either.

I thought it would be nice to change the Sunday weigh ins because then I could enjoy the weekend and eat or drink what I wanted without being overly strict. Maybe if I was more on the ball, I could do that, but not right now.

So it is back to Sunday WIs. And I'm hoping to get back to my routine of eating well and working out. At least the eating well part. That makes the hugest difference. I start writing down everything I am eating today. That helps to keep me accountable.

Anyway, today I weighed in at 178.6, a 0.5 gain. That scale just keeps on moving up. My Weigh In page shows just how bad these last 2 months have been.

Why is this happening? Well, I do know why... the hard part is caring enough to turn it around.

But I did write about it a couple days ago, on my post titled It's never about the food, so check it out if you haven't already. 


Kristen said...

i hated Friday weigh ins I was bad each weekend so we moved to Mondays and it was always higher then Tuesdays so we switched again...but to Thursdays..Not sure how this happened i must of missed the vote that day

Tammy said...

I too used to weigh-in on Fridays. Not such a good idea as this lent itself to too much careless eating on the weekends. This go round, my weigh-in day is Sunday. Even though last Sunday I blew it, I think I have paid for my mistake and can now learn not to do it again (hope, hope).

You may not be able to control how fast you find work or a great relationship, but you can do something about the weight. You're in control, best wishes.