Tuesday, August 30, 2011

She believed she could, so she did

When you set your mind to something and believe you can do it, you can. It's as simple as that. I think having motivation, self-confidence and the belief that you can do something is the hardest part of the game.

Personally, it's when I get down about myself, my life, my progress, my last cookie, WHATEVER, that is when I stop believing I can do things. I wallow in self-doubt and start thinking about how I can't do this or that, or how hard it is or how much farther I have to go, etc. Basically any negative thought and emotion comes into my head.

But when I stop and remind myself that I CAN do it if I really want to, and really focus on it, and really put forth the effort it takes to get there, then I just do. It just happens.

This week has been very good so far  because of one thing- my attitude. I know what I need to do to lose weight and I know I can do it, so I am doing it. I have been working out well and eating well. Hopefully that will show up on the scales this week and it'll all be downhill from there- the good kind of downhill!


Michelle said...

Awesome job and attitude!!

Ann said...

PMA - Positive Mental Attitude. I LOVE it!!!!! :)

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I love that quote! It really suits you, you are doing it!

Christie said...

Awesome job girl!!! Your attitude will control everything!! :)

Anonymous said...

What heyday isn't today?