Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The economics of gaining & losing weight

I've been buying new clothes lately because I have been going on job interviews and dating a new guy where we go out and do things a lot. And I just need new clothes that fit me at the size I am right now. (Granted I did keep my "skinny" clothes so thankfully I do have some as the scale moves down.)

I like buying clothes now because I can actually fit into them easily and not hate the way I look, which is a new thing for me! However, it is also a little draining financially to buy new clothes and then lose weight and have them be too big and have to buy all new ones.

I have 2 pair of black pants and refuse to buy any more "business" type pants because hopefully I will continue to lose weight and outgrow them. Same with jeans. Shirts are a little different because it takes longer for a top to be completely too big.

But it leads me to think... what about those people that always stay one size? Or even vary just a size or two? Do they just have one big wardrobe of clothes that they can continue to wear until they just get sick of something or it "goes out of style"? (Like my sister who has and probably always will be a size 4... lucky bitch)

But aren't those people more normal than me, for example, who has bought and donated so many clothes in the last couple years due to my weight gain and loss? I know I'm not alone in this, but I definitely think those people who don't go up and down 10+ sizes in a few years are the normal ones, and the ones I want to strive to be like.

My hope for the future is to find a happy weight and just stay there! I would love to be able to buy clothes when I feel like it or just want something new or something catches my eye rather than having to buy something out of necessity for that specific occasion and that specific weight I am at.


Dawn said...

Thats my goal too!
I want to wear the same clothes for a long period of time and not put them away because I"m bigger and they don't fit me.
I want to BE a size and not just making a temporary visit there,
Dooooooo tell us more about the new date!

Jodie said...

I frequent the local thrift stores. I can often find good brands (Talbots, Jones NY, Old Navy) for less than $3.00 a piece)

Michele said...

I think many women have several size clothing in their closets. I honestly do not know of one woman who does not.

I like thrift stores, too. Great fun.

Janie said...

I understand the economics of yoyo living too and learning to sew has saved me a fortune. I have a pair of black work trousers that I have taken in twice and they still look great on me! They've been my staple for work for at least 4 years!

Diandra said...

Right now, I am very close to my goal size/weight, and I am looking forward to going shopping for new clothes! (Which is unheard of for me.) While I was losing weight, I bought most of my clothes at second hand stores or on ebay - otherwise I would have spent a fortune on business pants! On average, I pay five bucks for a pair of decent pants, and I am actually considering keeping this up for a while, to save money for all the crazy useless stuff I want (like a moshiki skirt).

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

You will get to that place where you are buying clothes because it catches your eye and not out of necessity! And when that day comes, the struggles that came with losing the weight will be worth it. You're doing an amazing job!!!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Buying new clothes IS expensive!! I've started selling my clothes at a consignment shop and I plan to use the money I earn towards new clothes.

Maria said...

I was pretty much the same size for about 15 years, yes I developed a huge wardrobe. But all in a large size.

I just bought some new clothes a couple weeks ago and am starting to go through my closets to take the old clothes to Goodwill. I won't ever be that size again! But yes, I'm holding off buying too many because I am still losing. It really can cost quite a bit!

Erin said...

I so feel your pain. My twin sister and I used to wear the same size but I've gotten a pretty good jumpstart on the healthy lifestyle and now I'm just handing everything over to her. She literally doesn't have to buy anything new because as she loses weight she just transitions into my handouts.

But if I had my choice, being bigger or having to buy new clothes...I'd pick the buy new clothes every time...even if it is financially draining.

No Thanks to Cake said...

I totally get this one.... I used to have a HUGE closet, and it was just about four sizes bigger than I am now. Crazy.

Now, like you, I struggle with spending on short-term clothes. However, I will not wear baggy pants. I just won't.

A few suggestions:
- Consignment - I've started consigning all my old clothes. Even if I make $100, that offsets what I have to spend later. Also, I've been known to pick up dress pants at consignment boutiques. Perfect for those temporary sizes....

- Buy the next size - I've also been buying the next size when I find a sale. I've got some 14s in the closet waiting for me to drop the next ten lbs. Got them fora great price, so I need to get there soon.