Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Day of Healthy, Yummy Cooking :)

I thought I'd jump on the wagon and record what I ate today, since I made some new recipes :) I probably won't do it every day, especially with pictures, but I will every so often.

I like seeing what other people eat throughout their day, and it does keep you honest, but I keep thinking about that part in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when one of the girls' suggestions on how to push the guy away was to call him up and tell him everything you ate that day. The other girl goes, "What's wrong with that?... I'm kidding!" Haha, so it feels a little like that, but I love it anyway!

Breakfast was a banana and a Cinnamon roll yogurt (3 pts). This yogurt was awesome!! You have to try it!

Lunch was a healthier version of Taco Bell's Crunchwrap Supreme, made from a Hungry Girl recipe. I'm a little clumsy so mine doesn't look very pretty, but it was REALLY good! I made mine with leftover turkey taco meat (2 pts), a semi-healthy tortilla (3 pts), reduced fat cheese (2 pts), light sour cream (1 pt), tomatoes, lettuce, and 6 bite size Tostitos (1 pt) to make it crunchy. So good.

My afternoon snack was mozzarella sticks! Ok, not real ones, but Hungry Girl cheese sticks made with string cheese and Fiber One cereal for the coating (2 points). These don't taste exactly like normal ones (and my sister calls Fiber One, "rabbit food"), but I like them.

Dinner was fish - Parmesan crusted orange roughy (about 8 points) and summer squash with Adobo seasoning (as you can see, I like them really done). This was a lot of fish and I couldn't even finish it.
My workout today was the usual 60 mins on the elliptical... and then shoveling! I don't usually mind shoveling since it's a good workout and I don't really work out my back (read: backfat) any other way (suggestions?). However, today shoveling sucked!! We're getting the blizzard here and it was so cold and windy and the snow kept coming back and hitting me in the face!

Everyone (who's in one of the 30 snowy states) keep warm and do home workouts this week! (I saw someone running in the snow today... that's dedication!)


Ann said...

Wow, look at those food choices! Confession: I hated the cinnamon bun yogurt, but I LOVE a lot of the others. I'm really into Dannon's Light and Fit Pineapple right now. OMG, so good!! :)

sugarmouse said...

nyummy food :D :D :D

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving some love on my blog. I really appreciate it. Oh, and I totally love Hungry Girl! I have every book she's published. LOL

Sarah said...

Food looks really interesting! The fish looks delish!