Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Water, Water, Blah, Blah, Blah

A lot of the blogs I have been reading lately are seriously shocking me with the amount of water you guys are drinking! Like over 100 ounces a day! This just seems impossible to me!

I typically only drink water when I'm actually thirsty. So really, maybe one glass a day, which I know is not enough. It's just so boring. I drink Diet Coke alot, but have been cutting back on that.

I  just feel like even if I up my water intake, drinking 100 ounces is so daunting. Maybe I will do a test week and see if it really makes a difference.

Does anyone have a strong belief in water really helping in losing weight? Have you seen it make a big difference for you? Do you drink Crystal Light?

On another note... has anyone seen the latest in gum these days?

My favorite new thing is fun flavored gum. When I have a craving or I just want to munch on something, I snack on gum.

Check out these new crazy flavors from Extra gum... Strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, and mint chocolate chip!

Love it!!


Ann said...

I love that guum!!! Also, diet coke is SO bad for you!!! you should really think about thinking cutting it from your diet!!! I haven't had it in over a month, and it was one of the most difficult detoxes EVER, but SO worth it!!! The rule of thumb is 1/2 as many oz of water as you weigh. So if you weigh 220, you should be drinking 110 oz of water!! And it is REALLY important to drink water throughout the day!!!

Anonymous said...

Water is the most important thing, it is what your body is mainly made up of.

-- Some benefits of drinking lots of water.
- Cleanses your body of toxins -- you will pee A LOT
- Clears up your skin and makes it bright- I swear.
- Gives you energy, they say that a glass of water in the morning gives you the same boost coffee would.
- Helps regulate your weight.

Ease into it, but once you start drinking a lot of water you won't be able to stop. Also, camelbak makes a water bottle that looks like an adult sippy cup. I drink almost 120 oz. a day minimum.

Also, I used to be a Diet Coke lover, that was until I realized all of the horrible side effects ( Read Michael Pollan's Food Rules)

If you put crap (chemicals) in your body you will feel like crap. Diet Coke has been linked to depression, IBS, stomach ulcers, tooth decay. It is also made from the same thing they stuff dead animals with. Anyway :) I know how delicious but the most important thing that is the artificial sweetener that Diet Coke has it in causes your body to think it is getting sugar, then once the chemicals go through your system your body crashes and it twice as hungry as it was before you had it. Causing you to over eat.

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Water is important - I am a coke zero addict and have cut back to 1 per day. Slowly try and up your water every week, don't go crazy at first =) You can also drink decaf tea toward your water count.

Size16isFat said...

Water is so huge I can't even begin to tell you. But just go read this blog entry I did on water about two weeks back...I also recommend reading the article I linked to under source, as it explains why your body needs water to burn fat. I am a believer, I definitely notice I do better when I'm drinking water.

Size16isFat said...

Oh I'm an idiot...the link would probably be helpful :-)

A New Dawn For Me said...

I used to drink a large amount of Diet Coke, nothing to do with dieting, I preferred the taste! Long before I started dieting I totally gave up the diet coke as I began to associate drinking diet coke with the onset of a mild but grumbling headache.
Now I drink sparkling water. I love the fizz and the taste and the refreshing experience of it. I just need to drink more.

Mrs. D said...

I really didn't realize just how big a difference water made until I joined a challenge that required we drink half our body weight in water (ounces). At first, it's hard and you think you're going to wet yourself if you cough, but after about a week, my body adjusted. If I drink under 100 oz now, I feel dehydrated. Everyone above me already covered all the benefits, so definitely give it a try!

Anonymous said...

I'm a water drinker so I don't really count what I drink. I just keep sipping all day long. A new lovely supporter for you (lol). I've got to try the cheese/fibre one sticks...sounds interesting.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I have been on a big water kick. I was crazy with the diet coke... But, I have gone COLD TURKEY with it. And have been drinking lots of water & green tea. I would say I was addicted to the pop. Even though it was diet, I needed to stop.
It was hard at first. But not anymore,
I am your newest follower.
Have a pretty day!

Anonymous said...

I love water even when I wasn't on I diet.As mentioned before it has many benefits but I know some people hate it. Not sure why. I like to drink water particularly before a meal it helps me feel fuller faster. Also about the gum, ditto, gum really is a life saver when I want something sweet.

spunkysuzi said...

I've got to keep my eye open for that gum! Sounds delish :)
I drink a lot of water. But i go through phases. Sometimes i like it just plain, some times with lemon or lime wedges and if i'm having a hard time getting enough in i'll use some crystal lights.

Brendalyn said...

Hi new follower here, but I also wanted to comment on the water. Drinking a glass before every meal really does help you to feel full quicker. The water will also help the skin to be more elastic, so as the weight comes off the skin will bounce back more quickly.
With regard to the diet pop. I never drink it, it gives me a headache, but aside from that, one day I realised that I had never seen a thin person drinking a diet pop.... I know there are some who do, but my point is most of us drinking the 'diet' stuff are fat. As Dr. Phil would say... "How's that workin' for ya?" lol