Monday, February 14, 2011

I Used to be Fat

(I can't wait to be able to say that...)

But what I'm talking about is the new MTV show. On each episode they take someone who has just  graduated from high school, hook them up with a trainer and dedicate their summer to losing weight. The first episode showed a girl who lose 90  lbs in 90 days (she started at 250).

I DVR them and just watched the one with Jordan... OMG! After he lost the weight, got contacts and cut his hair.. he is hot! I can't believe how different he looked in just 110 days. It's so heart warming!
It really motivates me to keep going and push harder. This show makes me want to work out longer to speed up the process. (Altho they work out 4-6 hours a day, I think)

Lately I have had good intentions of taking pictures of my food, but honestly, I just start digging in way too fast and it isn't until I'm halfway thru that I realize I could have taken a pic but didn't. Oh well. I did remember today :)

For breakfast, I had a green smoothie.
And also a cup of Chocolate Cheerios (4 pts). These are good, but not as good as the Cinnamon.
Lunch was a curry veggie burger that we had in the freezer with string cheese melted on it, on a Healthy Life wheat bun. (6 pts) Honestly it was not good... I won't be having another one of these and now I'm craving a real burger. Thumbs down.
And a little afternoon snack of vanilla pudding with whipped cream and a dash of red sprinkles for V-Day(1 pt). Aw, pretty.
And since the veggie burger was a bust, I made a second lunch... Not really sure what I was doing here... it's chopped up shrimp, zucchini, summer squash cooked with Old Bay seasoning. Yum! And only 1 pt!
Dinner was salmon, rice & asparagus which I baked on high with Pam and sea salt. (15 pts)
And I hardly want to talk about this little disaster dessert, but I will. It's a crumbled Vita Top with vanilla pudding. (4 pts) Doesn't look pretty, but it was good. The first one I thawed in the microwave, I for some reason, put it at 3 minutes (rather than 18 seconds) and walked away. Not so good. Stinky kitchen and burning chocolate.

Attitude of Gratitude: I am grateful to not be in a relationship with the wrong guy. Therefore, I have no disappointments on Valentine's Day, instead, I have hope for finding the guy who is perfect for me.


Michelle @ Those Last 75 Pounds said...

Hahaha!! I just wrote on a friend's FB status that if hallmark made the "congratulations you didn't marry the wrong man" card, I would buy it and a toaster for her. Love the attitude of gratitude and I wholly agree!! Took me a while to be thankful for that but I can finally say that I am.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!

Kristen said...

I love that show I use to be Fat...and by far that episode was my favorite. Last weeks encouraged me to sign up for a 5K

Anonymous said...

Curry veggie burger, yum. Being in the wrong relationship is pure torture to mind, body and especially the soul. Don't compromise. Wait for the right one to come along and when he does, you will know it. None of this, he's just not that into you. He is out there moving towards you as we speak.

Devon said...

YUM Green smoothie...those are so great and so good for you!!!

I've never had a veggie burger...I guess I should try one!

Diandra said...

90lbs in 90 days? I have to say, I wonder if that is healthy. (Yes, I know, I sound like my own dusty aunt. *g*)

With weight loss come metabolic changes, and stress on the cardiovascular system, and hormonal changes. Going slow is easier on the body, even if we may be impatient. Physicians advise losing 2-4lbs per month (although I suspect losing faster is okay with them for severely obese people), to ensure the weight stays off and to help the body through all the changes.

(That's about my speed as well... average of 3-5lbs per month. It drives me crazy, I am one of the most impatient people on the world, but I know I will get there, eventually... 22lbs to go...)

Chubby McGee said...


And I love that show, too. It's awesome. Sometimes though, I get mad at the teens cuz they're given such an opportunity and they just moan and groan through it. I'd love to have a personal trainer! Haha!

Senora Muertos said...

I need to start watching those shows. My BFF does and she finds them inspirational. There is no way I could work out 4 to 6 hrs a day, but hey it's still great to see others lose.

Ann said...

LOVE that show!! Sound like a great day!!

Little Miss Fatty Pants said...

My bf and I were AMAZED with Jordan's transformation. He looked so different at the end.

Another good show to watch is Heavy on A&E. I dvr both of those.

Seeing people lose weight makes YOU want to go out and lose weight!

P.S. I love your little v-day snack. so festive! =D

Dawn said...

Wow - its very inspiring to see people who look wonderful after a transformation what has at its centre the weight loss. He looks marvelous. Its inspiring isnt it!
Im in UK so don't get that show - thanks for posting

Lynda with a Y said...

I really like your attitude of gratitude. I'm trying to do positive affirmations myself. What I've been reading recommends that you say it in the positive form and in the present tense. "I know that I deserve Love and accept it now." I'm reading Louse Hay and really like her.

Hyla said...

What is the green smoothie?

Check out this amazing burger recipe I found and tried out on my husband. He is a major beef man but said he would give up beef burgers for these!

I "think" they are either 4 or 6 points plus, I cant remember but they were goooood!

Sheila said...

I LOVE that show! I don't watch it religiously, but every time it is on I'm amazed by the progress those kids make.

I'm thinking of trying those green smoothies, I've read about them on "a journey to thin" too and they sound great!