Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am loving all the advice & support!

First, thanks for all the comments on drinking water! I really appreciate all the advice. I drank a lot of water today! I think I had like 6 glasses at least, which is so much for me. I will be drinking at least 100 ounces every day the rest of the week and hopefully that'll show up on the scale on Sunday!

And about the Diet Coke... (I got called out a little bit for that) I know, it's bad... but I love it. I need to break up with it... it's the classic bad for you thing you just love and can't let go.... No, seriously, I appreciate the comments, very eye opening! I didn't have any today and will be cutting it out!

Here's my food for the day :)

Breakfast was a banana and Boston Cream Pie yogurt. (3 pts)

Morning snack was a Hungry Girl
chocolate brownie muffin (5 pts)
Lunch was a super healthy 3 pointer.. turkey rolls with Laughing Cow cheese wedges in the middle (one swiss and one sundried tomato basil), pickles and a pear. Not to brag, but I get an A+ for this one.
An afternoon snack was Butternut Squash fries for 0 pts. Yum!
Dinner was a cup of chicken fried rice (from a frozen thingy, 8 pts) and an asian inspired orange roughy (which I only ate half of for 4 pts)
Dessert was a Skinny cow vanilla fudgsicle, yum! (3 pts)
Thanks everyone for the encouragement/ advice, I am so happy to be connected to others who are losing weight and learning from all of you!!


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Good luck with the water! I can never seem to get that much down =)

We all have our vices and I don't think a little will hurt =)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, your food looks great. I like the idea of the ham and laughing cow. I really need to make that Hungry Girl chocolate brownie muffin (what a combo).

I used to be addicted to regular pop and then diet pop and now I have just seemed to lose my taste for it...wonder why? I think the carbonation was getting to a bloating kind of way.

A New Dawn For Me said...

I agree with how you feel about being happy to be connected to other people losing weight and learning from them....its good to help each other and learn from each other along the way. Your butternut squash fries look FABULOUS!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Those fries look SOOO good! Honestly, I get so sick and tired of everyone telling me not to drink diet soda. I don't think a little bit every once in a while is going to kill you. but drinking water is so important!

Angela said...

I love it when Skinny Cow goes on sale so that I can stock up! Good stuff.

spunkysuzi said...

Your food looks really good!! I thought sweet potato was 4 pts for a large one??

Need to Get ME Back said...

These were butternut squash fries - kinda like sweet potato fries, but not. :)

Thanks for all the comments!!!!