Friday, February 11, 2011

Light & Fluffy

This post is going to be light and fluffy. [Have you guys ever seen Gabriel Iglesias' standup comedy routine? He's pretty funny.. He is also pretty hefty, and says he's not fat, he's fluffy. Lol] Anyways...

I get Hungry Girl email newsletters (she sends really good recipes, food "swaps", etc) and today was a good one - an Official Hungry Girl Supermarket List! I buy a lot of these and there are some really good product ideas.

Well, I haven't been taking pics of my food recently (altho I always write everything down and track all my points), but today I did a little photo taking...

For breakfast, I made a green smoothie that Alissa from A Journey to Thin always makes and it was awesome! It has a banana, an orange, a cup of spinach and 1/2 cup of yogurt for 1 pt. That's all I had and maybe it wasn't enough of a breakfast tho because later as I was working out after, I got really hungry.
So after my workout I had a string cheese. This one is Sargento and really good (2 pts). I have tried the Weight Watchers kind but don't really like those as much (even tho they are only 1 pt).
For lunch, I had a taco from leftover taco meat (and cheese, light sour cream & salsa) which I hardened to make crunchy, just using Pam for no added calories. I almost made a 2nd one, but talked myself out of it. (6 pts) Yum!
For a snack later, I had this amazing cheesecake pudding (3 pts, so good) with fat free whipped cream (0 pts). Cheesecake pudding! Genius!
Another snack was a cup of Cinnamon Cheerios, which are very good for 3 pts.
Dinner was a one person casserole type thing I made with a chicken breast, a cup of rice, frozen beans, a little cream of chicken, some spices and cheese on top (10 pts).
Do you guys use food scales? My parents have an ancient wobbly one, but I've been thinking of buying a good one. Lately I measure everything out. A little anal, but I gotta do it until I get used to what good portions are.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Hungry Girl list. I haven't seen that one. I've been wondering about that green smoothie but was too afraid to try - spinach for breakfast? Only for Popeye - lol. I'll have to try it. Your food looks good. I didn't even know Cinnamon Cheerios existed - another thing I'll have to keep my eye out for. Thanks for the tips. PS - yes, I use a scale to weigh my food.

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I have an old WW scale that I use for certain things. I find it really useful!

Shabby Chic Mom- Susie said...

Hi, new follower ;)
I have the biggest loser food scale, I really like it.
Im a huge hungry girl fan, I have that email saved too. I love her show, a new ones on today. I have the dvr ready to go

Senora Muertos said...

I am going to have to try that smoothie. I follow her blog too and keep meaning to try it. I think I would have to eat something else with it too though.

I do use a food scale. I love it! It is inexpensive and it is the highest rated on Amazon.