Friday, February 4, 2011

This is Bananas! Florescent bananas!

I had lots of water today! I find its easy to drink a lot when I drink out of a straw... is that weird? I guess I have to trick my mind any way I can! Yesterday I had 2 glasses of Crystal Light in a row and got a headache, so today I stuck with plain water other than when I had lunch.

I had my usual banana and yogurt for breakfast for 3 pts. Later I was still hungry so I also had a cup of Cinnamon Cheerios (yum!) for 3 points.

For lunch, I had a Lean Cuisine Chicken Club sandwich and some pickles. (8 pts)
 Later on I had some chocolate pudding and 1/2 a banana for 2 pts. Soo good! (A little florescent, no? Next time no flash...)
I didn't know what to do for dinner, but I wanted to have a chicken breast, so I cut it up, and cooked it in a pan with some seasoned canned tomatoes, a broccoli steamer bag and 3/4 cup of sea shell pasta. I thought it would make a nice one person meal, but this is how it ended up... a lot!
The whole thing was 11 points, but I only had half. Good job, right?
And for dessert, I had another pudding with banana.

Speaking of bananas... for those of you doing Weight Watchers, isn't it funny how before they were 2 pts, so personally, I would never have any (there were way tastier things for 2 pts), but now that they're 0 pts, I have at least one a day!

I get 34 points a day and have a lot left over today.. probably because of my surprisingly low dinner points.

I am doing really well with eating healthy these days. My parents are out of town so I am alone, which makes it easy to make healthy foods and not be tempted by anything. It's funny because before, I would probably eat more if I was alone, especially more fast food, more unhealthy things, etc. But now that I'm on the right track, it's the opposite. It feels good. I'm kinda proud :)


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

That is great that you are doing the opposite! I know my worst times are when I am alone....

It's great how your dinner turned out - now you have lunch tomorrow!

Senora Muertos said...

the chicken dish looks yummy! You should be proud. You did good today

Anonymous said...

The food looks so good. For some reason I want a pickle now. The powers of persuasion.

Polar's Mom said...

Wow, that is impressive that you are better when alone-I tend to reach for everything when there is no one else around! I think you did great with that dinner-you should start posting your recipes!

Polar's Mom

Mer and Mo said...

I drink more from a straw also, not sure why either!! Keep up the good work! Great to read that you are doing well!!! "Staying MOtivated"