Monday, February 21, 2011

Team Bob!

I am going to work as hard as I can to lose 5.8 lbs in the next two weeks (my goal is 199.9- lol I could round up to losing 6 lbs, but let's not get carried away here). I want to be out of the 200's by my birthday, which I don't know if I can do. I know it's just a number and doesn't define me (yada yada), but I am going to try to do it. It'd be nice to see if I can do it and work towards a big goal.

So to do this, I will eat right and do a workout DVD plus an hour on the elliptical every day, maybe taking 1-2 days off if I need to. The elliptical can be boring, but I always make new playlists to listen to. Plus I like to daydream while I'm on there... because in all my daydreams, I'm skinny :)

Yesterday and today I did The Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD with Bob. It was HARD, but I liked it. It felt very Biggest Loser-like, like what they actually do on the show. I was sweating so much! I like Bob better than Jillian. He's encouraging in a nice, motivational way and I feel like I am working hard, but not dying, which is nice.

I think this new goal is going to be good. It'll push me to work really hard the next two weeks and say no to any temptations and to make sure I workout hard. My parents were held up because of the weather but are probably coming back tomorrow. I haven't told them I've started a blog. Do the people in your life know about your weight loss blog? I haven't told anyone how much I weigh since I was oh... say, 12 yrs old.

Breakfast was Southwestern Egg Beaters (1pt) with a Laughing Cow swiss cheese wedge (1pt) and 1/2 a sandwich thin (2pts) with butter (2pts).
Lunch was my favorite new thing- a shrimp veggie medley, this one with zucchini and carrots. (1pt)
I also had a jello cup with whipped cream (0pts)
And then in the middle of the day, I had some chocolate Cheerios... too many. I just ate them out of the box by the handful. Ugh! What the hell is wrong with me? It was right after I had a stressful phone call, so I'm sure that's why, but haven't I learned anything about emotional eating? Sometimes it just sneaks up on ya. Well, I'd say I ate about 8 pts, so I counted it and moved on. [Note to self: Not going to meet your goal this way!]
Dinner was a mesquite chicken breast (4pts) on a whole wheat bun (2pts) with some cheese (1pt) and mayo (1pt). This was really good and I ended up using another bun with mayo for the rest of the chicken that didn't fit on the first. Also green beans.
And the usual pudding for dessert. (1pt). Cool Whip Free is my new love :)

Attitude of Gratitude: I'm grateful that our house is on the market and people are showing interest, so hopefully it will sell quick and we can move to NC!


Dawn said...

Good for you - You can do it!!!
I haven't told anyone about my blog and won't. Funny how I can put out everything in the internet to total strangers and tell them everything - And yet won't say a word to anyone I know.
I've started reading to let the time pass in the gym and I've gone past my set time and not even noticed I'm so deep in my book!

Sheila said...

I haven't told anyone about my blog either. It just seems..odd to me, I guess? I love blogging and making my comments, etc, but I don't want to involve anyone in my day to day life in it.

Anonymous said...

I say Go For It! What's the harm in trying. I hadn't told anybody about my blog but then a loudmouth blogger that I trusted outed me on his blog. So I left for awhile and then I came back and now my family and close friends know and whoever else is stalking me (lol).

Ann said...

Those are awesome goals! Re: telling people about my blog - YES. I tell EVERYONE - family, friends, it's on Facebook and Twitter. It's a little bit awkward putting myself out there. When someone says to me, "hey, I read this on your blog..." it can be uncomfortable. BUT - the rewards are fantastic! I have the added accountability, recognition and TONS of support and encouragement. And a LOT more people can relate to you rweight-loss journey then you might think. I recommend you consider it. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't told more than a few people about THIS blog but I have a purely weight loss blog that a few OTHER people know about. So no... most people I know don't even know about my blogging life at all. Few people from high school even know that I gained weight.

Good for you with your goal setting- you can do it! The eliptical is boring but when I listen to a good playlist I can go for hours.

Diandra said...

You could try increasing your loss by drinking 3 cups of urtica tea per day, it helps shed water... Good luck!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

Hour on treadmill??? that's why too much... that much cardio burns up muscle. Muscle is what dictates how well our metabolism works and how well we bun fat. It raises stress hormones. It lowers your immune system, it's going to fatigue you....

None of which is helpful in weight loss.

But if it works for you.. go for it!


Size16isFat said...

I haven't told anyone about my blog. I'm a really outgoing person, but when it comes to my weight I'm incredibly private. And just like you, I haven't told anyone how much I weigh in forever. I've debated sharing my blog, but I always conclude that I'll be hugely embarrassed by it.

Bee said...

I haven't told anyone either!

My friends think I'm a "health junkie" anyway so... :)

But it's cool, you meet so many interesting people and it just feels good to help :)

JoBee said...

I just came about your blog and now I'm following too :)

I think you'll deff. hit your goal! That'll be so nice to be out of the three's by your birthday :)

I've told select people that I am blogging (Trainer, fiancé, step mom) but I will not give out my address to them. LOL, once I lose like 50-100 pounds I may. I have pictures up that I would be embarassed if anyone I knew seen them. Which is the only reason I won't give out my blog address. They do know, however, that I am on a weightloss mission. I make sure everyone around me knows, it makes me more accountable.

Brendalyn said...

I know the posts I am replying to are older, but I just found you today and I am reading through.
The thing that I found most important about this post is that you had a bad phone call, you ate too many Cheerios out of the box, then you....counted the points and moved on!!! Fantastic! We are all going to slip up for whatever reason, the key is to not beat yourself up and decide you have wasted the day, then the week, and then look out!! Good for you.

Oh, and I have just started a blog as well, I haven't told anyone, not sure if I will or not..