Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bad weekend food-wise

It hasn't been a good weekend food-wise. Maybe this whole weighing in on Friday thing isn't a good idea. I don't know if that is the reason for why I've been eating too much and too unhealthy, but I have been. I ate bad and snacked a lot this weekend. And the sad part of that is that I pretty much didn't do anything that would influence me to do that, like socializing or going out to dinner- nope, it was all me! Just making bad decisions and overeating. Last night I had vanilla ice cream and melted peanut butter to drizzle on top of it... yeah, I said it.

What am I doing? Why am I not caring about what I'm eating? Am I really just lacking motivation and the desire to do it?

Maybe it's emotional. I am very stressed these days. I am in a new town, and other than my family, I only know one person. I don't have a job and am desperately trying to find one. I need my own place and a new car. I also need a LIFE! And friends. Starting over is hard...

Am I sabotaging myself? I have sabotaged myself in the past, and I haven't really talked about it here, because I haven't found myself doing it, and I really hope that's not what I'm doing now, but it's in my mind. At least the awareness of it might prevent it from happening.

My whole goal here is to lose 100 lbs. I've lost 75 (give or take these days...) and only have 25 to go. 25 lbs is not that much to lose! I could do that in 3 months if I really tried. So why am I slowing down?

I have always had the notion that when you have less to lose, it takes longer to lose it and you have to work harder. Right now, if I put in the work, I still lose at a pretty good rate. But the whole problem lately has been that I have not been putting forth the effort. I take complete responsibility... now I just gotta change it and get my act together.


No Thanks to Cake said...

I can so relate to this post... I agree 150% that when you've lost the bulk of your weight and just have 25 (or 32 if you're me) lbs to go... it's tough.

I feel SO GOOD compared to how I used to. Part of me thinks I can rest and enjoy, but that's so not the case.

For me, I haven't started working out much until the past few weeks, so hopefully that will kick start my weight loss again.

My willpower after 8 months is just a little bit lower than it used to be, and I need that working out to counteract all the things I'm eating that I shouldn't.

If you have any miraculous breakthroughs, be sure to share... Don't have a good answer on this one, just do your best, dear!

Erin said...

Don't stress out too much - here's what I've learned - changes in life can screw with your routine. You've been amazingly successful and determined so far and I know you'll get it back!

Anonymous said...

As one who routinely self-sabotages, don't beat yourself up too much. Life changes, stresses & feeling displaced all play havoc with your ability to control your eating.

Do the best you can, and you will get tired of what you're doing and find your way back to it. Be kind to yourself, you've done an amazing thing, losing 75 pounds, that's tremendous! Sit back and relish that for a bit and you will find your way back.

Diandra said...

Signing up for the gym might help you meet new people. ^^

Lynda with a Y said...

I understand self-sabatage, because I do it to myself. But holy crap, you've lost 75 pounds! Maybe focus on that for now.

Fat in Suburbia said...

75 pounds is amazing! I'm in a new town and don't even have my family here so I can totally relate. For me finding a church home and joining the PTA is helping me meet people. I agree that joining a gym might help you meet people. Keep up the good work!

Diaries of a Fat Girl said...

I usually weigh in on Fridays too, and i decided to switch it up, because either I am happy I lost weight and think I can have a cheat or 5, or I am depressed that I didn't lose anything and cheat again. Vicious cycle!!!!