Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weigh In... long over due

Ok so with the move and getting settled and all, I haven't been blogging as much. But that will change because I really miss it :)

I HAVE been weighing myself, but haven't done my official Sunday WIs. I have also been thinking about changing my WI day to Friday. Yes, this would be so I could relax a little bit on the weekends. Let's call it a mental health thing. I have been dating a guy and we hang out on the weekends, so I want to just be able to go out for ice cream or have a glass of wine without worrying about the scale. I think, especially at this stage of the game, it will work for me because I know how to eat smart and I feel like I have a handle on the overeating right now.

So today's weight is 175.5, meaning I am down 1.5 from 6/28 when I last weighed in here, but it has been fluctuating in the last 2 weeks, even going up to 182 at one point.

I will be getting back on track with official WIs every week now. I am 25 lbs away from my 100 lb lost goal!! And it is GOING to happen :)

I hope you all are having a great weekend and doing well! 


Missy said...

I'm finally getting settled from my move to. If changing your WI day works better for mental health, go for it! :)

Plump Nonfiction said...

I have been bouncing around my weigh in days. I've settled on Thursdays. It's funny how much of an impact weigh in days can have on us. I don't think I could ever weigh in on a Sunday. Saturdays are my indulge days so I don't think the scale would work in my favor :-)

Kristen said...

I can not wait for you to hit your 100 pound goal! that rocks!

Enjoy dating!

Sheila said...

would you be able to post sample of what you eat each day? i really admire the rate at which you lose and i think it would be a great help!

Diandra said...

Weighing in on Friday is a great way of not stressing out the whole weekend. I mean, we all know that it does not really matter, but since I started weighing in on Friday, I have been less worried about the weekends, since I'll have the whole week to make up for it. ^^

Erin said...

I weigh in on Mondays and go through the same thing!!! You might be on to something, might be worth me switching to Friday as well.

Also...when do we get the scoop on the new boy???