Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A hiking we will go!

Apparently hiking is a big thing around here! There are mountains and trails everywhere, and lots of pretty things to see, like waterfalls, lakes and nice scenic views.

First of all, let me just say the last time I went hiking was when I was 16 and on a family vacation in Arizona and I hated it. I was pouty and not into it at all. I think my words were, "Wait. We're going to climb up this mountain just to turn around and come back down?!" And I was fit as a fiddle back then.

But now that I am in this new place with all this beautiful scenery, I think I will get into hiking! The thing that is great about it is that it does not feel like a work out. It feels like you are just exploring and walking around checking out the area. Usually it's not too strenuous and you aren't huffing and puffing, but you are getting exercise.

So far I've gone twice and it was a good leg workout. Again, it doesn't feel like it, but the day after, different parts of my legs are sore- parts that usually don't get worked, which is nice!

A workout that doesn't feel like one is ok in my book. Next time I will take a camera and maybe show off some of the pretty area! Also maybe next time I will bring my heart rate monitor to really see how many calories I am burning!


Kellie said...

Ok you have respired me to try hiking.


Erin said...

Totally bring your HR monitor! I'd love to see how much you can burn - I bet it'll surprise you! I have a similar experience with hiking - went when I was a kid with my family and I was not so much impressed, but I think I would really enjoy it now...and even more so if I can find a place that allows dogs.

Thin Lizzy said...

i love hiking. it is a great, cheap date too! ;)

Diandra said...

Hiking is a great way to spend time, get fresh air and some exercise. I'm living in the area where Grimm's fairy tales are said to have taken place originally (did you know that at least some of them, like Snowwhite, are based on historical facts? ) - it's called "Siebengebirge" (seven mountains - although there are way more than just seven!), and I love exploring the forests. The longest hike so far was about twelve kilometers, took three hours and went over three mountains. I had a blast! But then, I've always loved hiking, even as a kid... and I can walk for hours, although 30min of running still pretty much exhaust me. ^^