Monday, July 18, 2011

A look at my healthy meal plan

The other day someone asked me for a sample of what I've been eating to lose weight at the rate that I have been. And I would love to, so here it is! 

For breakfast, I basically have a smoothie every morning. I do it in a blender, and put in usually a banana and an orange, and blend it, then add a handful of spinach (which you cant taste) and blend, then the yogurt (a sm carton or 1/3 cup, I like vanilla) and a cup of ice and blend it. I blend it in stages so its easier. Also other times I add frozen fruit like strawberries or mixed berries or peaches. It's so good, and if you want more substance, you can add whey protein powder.

Another good breakfast is Egg Beaters (I like the southwestern kind) scrambled up with a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, really good and low cal.

Lunch is usually cooked up zucchini and summer squash with frozen shrimp or chicken (I just buy a rotisserie and pull it apart and use that) with Adobo seasoning. (I LOVE Adobo, its in the ethnic aisle.)

Or I make a sandwich with a bagel thin and deli turkey or rotis chicken with tomato and lettuce and a cheese slice (the lower cal ones) or Laughing Cow cheese and/ or mustard. Then you don't feel like you need mayo, but if I use mayo, its lite. Or sometimes I just take a couple slices of turkey and put cheese on it and roll it up. Or I make a wrap using La Tortilla Factory tortillas, they are the lowest carb.

I have also been eating rotisserie chicken with Grey Poupon, which is really good!

Dinner is usually some sort of protein, like chicken or fish or pork (seasoned or marinated somehow) with veggies. I eat a lot of those steamer veggies. I love broccoli sauteed with garlic and Adobo, or zucchini or asparagus with sea salt. Fill up on veggies because they have hardly any cals and if you season them up, they taste really good!

The best dessert type thing (kinda the only thing really) I have is pudding with whipped cream. I make my own from the instant mixes, the Low Fat, Sugar Free ones, and they have cheesecake (my fave, so good), vanilla, choc, and choc fudge. And then I get Cool Whip FREE which is pretty much amazing bc its so low cal and you can use a lot for very little points/ calories. I have this pretty much every day :)

Also Skinny Cow or Weight Watchers ice cream bars/ sandwiches/ etc are really good.

Other snacks I have are celery, carrots or snap peas with Laughing cow cheese or granola bars (make sure to look at the nutritional info tho) or pretzels, which usually I count out so I don't eat the whole bag.. umm... or wheat thins sometimes. I don't usually eat that stuff because I tend to go overboard and don't realize how many I've had.

I like to make fries too sometimes, just take a potato (or I am into sweet potato fries these days) and cut it into small slices and bake it with salt. That way they're not "fried" and have the same cals as a simple potato.

Thats probably a good start, if not an overkill answer! I don't venture out too much when I'm eating healthy but that's ok because everything I eat I like. You really can't go wrong with things that are NOT processed or manufactured in any way. And of course, everything in moderation.

I swear by Weight Watchers. Once you learn the points values of foods and how much you're supposed to have a day, it becomes so easy to know how to eat to lose weight. I know the system, so I don't go to meetings or pay for a membership, but I love it and it works! Plus, it makes it easy to live a normal life and not feel like you're dieting!

Also drink lots of water, look up nutritional info before you go to restaurants and give yourself a cheat day or meal if you feel like you need it... Well those are my tips! Hope this helps! Do you have any for me?


Plump Nonfiction said...

The only tip I have for you is to get your butt over to my house and make me some food! :-)

Sounds like an awesome plan.

Erin said...

HAHAHAHA love Pam's comment! SECONDED! Sounds like a delicious menu. Glad to see a lot of parallels between your meals and mine though (at least, my meals when I'm on track!)

Thanks for the post!

Missy said...

I'm so glad you typed this! I printed it out for suggestions for me. I'm sooo not a cook, so you wouldn't want my tips ;)

downsizers said...

I also tend to be a "routine" sort of person when it comes to eating. It doesn't matter too much if there is a lot of variety for me although sometimes I do want something different. The important thing in my opinion is to have everything on hand for a healthy meal and don't wait until I am starving and then try to round something up that isn't really satisfying. Good job and keep up the good work.

Jan said...

Loved reading this post. Great ideas (that I haven't tried yet). All sound so yummy! Thanks so much for taking time to share it with us all.

Anonymous said...

Hubby & I are big smoothy fans as well, and I've recently discovered Greek yogurt, which has more protein in it. We aren't doing WW though, so I don't know what the points value is. Your lunch & dinner sound yummy though! I miss fries :S

Karen@WaistingTime said...

Interesting! Lots of veggies - impressive.