Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Best swim suit for my body?! Ugh.

Ok I have a problem. Bathing suit season. Ugh. I. Hate. Bathing. Suits. Why? Because I hate my body and have stretch marks on my stomach and sides!

I haven't been in a bathing suit since 2008. And it was a one piece. I was self conscious, but was with my boyfriend at the time and didn't feel like I completely wanted to die. I think I was around 190-200 at that time. I weigh less now, so you'd think I might feel more comfortable, but no.

I can't stand my body. A bathing suit is just way too "hello world look at my every fat roll, cellulite dimple and stretch mark!" It makes me so uncomfortable.

So my solution for this is just to avoid having to be in one.

But.. this guy I have gone out with has a pool and has mentioned going swimming. Like it's no big deal. Sure, it's no big deal to him! But I don't even own a swimsuit. And I don't want to prance around in a bathing suit showing my every disgusting flaw!

So to my question... what kinds of swimsuits would look best on me?

Sadly I think a bikini is out because of my stretch marks and obviously because my stomach and everything would be all hanging out there. Gross. I was thinking a monokini would be good because it would cover my stomach but still be kind of like a bikini.... what do you think of this one?


I'd like to do a one piece but I wouldn't want him to be disappointed that he's with the boring chick who wears a grandma suit.

And then there's the tankini, which would probably cover my stomach enough but still be a two piece.

I should post a picture of myself on here since I haven't done that in awhile. Maybe I will soon...


Baby Weight and Beyond said...

I would suggest going to a swimsuit store and just trying a bunch on - I know it is not fun but it is the best way to do it!

Diandra said...

Go for a traditional bathing suit - no risk of losing it while swimming! (It happened to a friend once at a public pool. Was funny for everybody else.) If the guy likes you, he won't mind what you swim in.

Plump Nonfiction said...

I just posted some pictures of me and my bathing suit on my blog today. Definitely go out and try some on. There are so many styles of bathing suits, you can find one that works for you.

Leah said...

I went to Lands End (online) and ordered me one. They have suggestions for what to get for what type of body. I LOVE it.

Just think of yourself as a "work in progress." That's how I see it. I know I may not be perfect (far from it) but I'm doing something about my body and right now I'm a "work in progress." :) It has really helped me be more comfortable wearing a bathing suit.

Good luck in finding that perfect bathing suit.

Losing It said...

Tankinis are super cute. Not a fan of the monokini. i think it just looks weird lol.

Let us know what you end up going with regardless!

2fivefive said...

I feel you. Last year at this time i weighted 255..this year I weigh 162 and you would think that would be enough to make me feel super confident about my body...but ...I still have issues! Just try not to put yourself down so much. When those self concious issues pop up push them away and let yourself be proud for all the work you've done.

Btw...i am wearing a tankini. I prefer these to one pieces b/c it's practicially the same thing but not so "old" i guess???

Good luck!

Thin Lizzy said...

I also wear a tankini- a black one with booty short style bottom instead of the underwear kind. I feel pretty good in it.

The think I hate about swimsuits is that there is no bust support. I have to wear an extra bikini top just to hold the suckers in place.

Lisa Mancini said...

I do little shorts with a halter type of suite. I like it cause it hides my hips, but it's still fun. I'm kid of a tom boy anyway. GL, and I agree, try a bunch on, You'll probably find one that is JUST YOU!!

ChubbyBlogger said...

Personally, I haven't had luck with monokinis. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I felt like somehow that strap down the middle actually made my midsection grow, like maybe I'd been wearing a full one piece and my body tried to eat it... I don't know. I found some nice tankinis at Target, the tops are looser, so they look kind of flowy/feminine, but they cover nicely. As someone else who avoided bathing suits since around 2007/2008, I was pleasantly surprised by these. Good luck! And remember, we are always harsher judges of ourselves than other people will be!

Missy said...

I'm no help. I've not worn a bathing suit since 2007. My goal for next summer is to wear a bikini. I need to remind myself of that repeatedly.

That being said, Tankinis are still my favorite.

Christina said...

I wouldn't go with the monokini because of the sides may look a little bigger. I would go try some on and see what you like : )

Anonymous said...

I am DEFINITELY not a person who should be wearing a bathing suit, but I do it all the time because it's the only exercise I feel like I can do. My advice: find something you feel comfortable in, that doesn't ride funny, has a cute print/colour you like and you don't mind actually swimming in. Then just have fun, and try to forget about how you look while you're there, you might surprise yourself.