Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A dating follow up :)

I wrote last week about how I have been dating a guy, and I'm happy to say it's going really well! We have gone out 4 times already, and are going out again tonight. (For sushi, which I love, nice and healthy!)

We have also gone hiking, which is something I haven't done since I was 16 and on a family vacation where I bitched the entire time. However this time was really fun! We saw two different waterfalls and got to see some great scenic views! It's nice to have someone show me around here! Even nicer when it's a nice, fun guy that I like!

He's super sweet. He texts me those great "good morning" texts and throughout the day and always talks about things we can do together. And he really wants to show me around and is interested in what I like to do.

Also, certain things are just so much better in the dating world now that I have lost some weight... Like when he pulled me onto his lap the last time we hung out; we were grilling out on his patio and he just pulled me to sit on his lap. Now before, I would be freaking out thinking about how I was crushing his leg and would have tried to balance and put all my weight on my thighs to make myself seem lighter (ridiculous!), but this time, I just went with it and sat on his lap. It was nice!

And when he hugs me or puts his arm around me, I'm not trying to straighten up or suck in so he can't feel my fat, Not that it's not still there (it is!), but there is less of it and I'm not as self-conscious.

Speaking of self-conscious, on the swimming/ bathing suit front... thankfully he hasn't brought it up again, but I am sure he will. I have some one pieces that fit and look fine, and have ordered some tankinis from Target that will be here this week. Then I can try them on and return them if I don't like them. Thank you to everyone who commented on my bathing suit post, you were all very helpful!

I still fret about what to wear and don't wear shorts, but I feel better knowing he likes me. The beginning of dating always sucks. I hate first dates.. but you have to have a first date to have any other ones so what are you gunna do?

Well that's pretty much it! It's casual dating at this point and I don't know if we will get to the bf/gf point but I'm not really focusing on that so much. I am just having fun and enjoying it!

Also thank you to everyone who commented on that last dating post too! Your comments are always so encouraging and help me gain perspective on things! You all basically said to take a chance, have fun and just go for it because if I let my weight get in the way of me doing things (like it has so many times before), I would just regret it and miss out on good experiences. So thank you :)


Maria said...

Oh he sounds so sweet, I am so happy for you! Does he know you've lost so much weight? He might be more understanding about your feelings about a swimsuit if he knew.

Keep going girl, you're doing great!

Miss S. said...

I love the part that you sat in his lap & didn't give it a thought. NSV right there. =)

Dawn said...

Oh lovely....the newness of a new date is lovely...so fun and innocent and easy going. Enjoy every minute and in more ways than your weight be the woman you want to be. Make the relationships you want. I love that you would happily sit on his knee....cant wait to hear how it continues

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

So happy for you!! Keep us updated! :)

2fivefive said...

Sounds like it's going great:):) yay!

No Thanks to Cake said...

Love this blog... Going to add you to my blogroll as well. Stop by www.nothankstocake.blogspot.com if you get a moment. Would love to have you as a follower.

Our journeys are VERY similar in amount to lose. Contests on what you've accomplished thus far!

No Thanks to Cake said...

* congrats*