Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pant sizes are crazy these days

I am happy to report that I just bought some new clothes and bought 3 pair of pants that were all size 12! One was jeans, one was jean capris and another was white capris. I was very excited because they fit perfectly!

So does this mean I'm a size 12? My first thought honestly was that maybe the store's sizing was off. But I did shop at a couple different stores, so that's not the case. However, I still fit into my size 14 jeans and my current pants aren't fitting any looser really. It's weird. Either way, I'll take it!

My weight has leveled out, today it was around 178. I will be getting my elliptical back this week, so workouts will be starting up by Wednesday! And I am back to my eating good plan!

Attitude of Gratitude: Size 12 pants fitting good, yay!!


Erin said...

I know exactly how you feel!!!

All of the pants I've bought for the last month + have been size 14s (yay!) but I have a few pairs of 16s that still fit me perfectly as well, it's very confusing. Especially because a brand new pair of size 14 capris are actually a little big on me. I guess every store/style is different.

Carbie Girl said...

WOW i'm new to blogging and just saw ur weekly weigh ins.. you've come SO far, congrats!! I have at least 6 pair of size 12 pants that I vow to get back into. Glad to have come across your blog!

Gen said...

I honestly don't remember when was the last time I fit in size 12 pants. I have a pair of 14s I bought when I had lost 20lbs in my first year of university, but I've gained 70lbs since then so it will be a while until I can fit into them again! Can't wait to be where you are :)

Ann said...

Great job, SIZE 12!!!!! :)