Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Veggies with every meal. How'd that happen?

I realized that I am actually eating vegetables with every meal. It wasn't even a super conscious decision or anything, just that I want to now. It fills me up and I love eating 0 pt things. Gotta love a freebie!

When I'm "dieting", I am a very boring eater. My grocery list tends to always be the same, and my meals and snack are always the same, just rotated. That's why I don't post pictures too often; you guys would get so bored!

Breakfast is pretty much a smoothie every day. The fruits and yogurt flavor changes every once in awhile, but I always have a handful of spinach in it. The recipe is 2 fruits, a cup of spinach, 1/3 cup or small carton of yogurt and a cup of ice. (The pts change depending on how much yogurt you use. Always best to look it up and measure.) 

Banana, orange, vanilla yogurt, spinach
Banana, frozen berries, berry yogurt, spinach
Lunch is always some type of protein (either chicken, turkey or shrimp), with my favorite blend of zucchini and summer squash, cut up and cooked with Adobo seasoning.

Dinner is usually just some type of protein with some type of vegetable. Of course, sometimes I mix it up, especially if I am eating with family, but it's basically just protein and a veg. I've been staying away from potatoes and rice and pasta tho. Thumbs up for that!

Tilapia with Grey Poupon (gotta season it!)
Mesquite flavored chicken breast
My dessert (either during the day or at night) is always pudding with FF whipped cream. I love it. The SF, FF kind if only a pt so it's better than a boring fudgsicle or some other dessert with higher points. There are also lots of flavors. It's filling and satisfying!

Those are basically my meals, but it isn't all I eat. I snack during the day on Babybel Lite cheese, string cheese, celery with Laughing Cow cheese. Ok, just writing that out, I realized I like my cheese... Other snack foods include pretzels or a cup of dry cereal, like Cinnamon Cheerios.

Are there any staple foods that you always go for when eating healthy?

Attitude of Gratitude: I felt like I was getting sick off and on the last couple days, but am feeling perfectly fine now. Wondering if it is because I am healthier now...? Whatever the reason, I'll take it!


Dani - tkdchick said...

My menus are pretty static as well and like you I eat veggies at almost every meal. Funny I make smoothies in the morning too but its usually strawberries and banana for sure some times I thorw in some mango or field berries. My other ingredients are 1/2c water, 1/2c milk, 1 container of yogurt and 1/2 scoop of protien powder. Its about 4 pts and tastes like dessert!

Dawn said...

hey...I'm like this ( no sorry I'm not doing brilliantly with the veggies!) I eat a relatively 'boring' list of foods but they are not boring to me...I get really into eating the few things I love and have allowed myself. I don't realy want to change it up and eat differently because I'm happy on my safe menu...but you're right to eat more variety and more veg is oh so sensible for the future

Ann said...

Yummmmmmm, all of the food looks delicious!!!

Maria said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who eats dry cereal as snacks! I've been enjoying Fiber One Caramel Clusters.

I actually read once that it's good to eat basically the same things all the time when dieting. Something about always eating a bunch of different foods gets your taste buds tingling, so you crave more. No, that's not exactly how they put it, but it's how I remember it. :)

Maria's Musings and Weight Loss

spunkysuzi said...

I love scrambled egg substitute with laughing cow cheese :)
Cherry tomatoes I could eat like candy!

Hyla said...

Looks great! I am going to blog about my morning swamp slushi tomorrow. Do you use a wheat grass juicer for your spinach? I dont see any leaves in your drink.

Losing It said...


I can't live without those lol

Sam said...

Greek yogurt
Laughing Cow cheese
Watermelon (in summer)

My favorites!

Michelle said...

I so love spinach in smoothies. Best way to sneak in lots of healthy greens. That Grey Poupon on the tilapia is a great idea! I love mustard!

Thin Lizzy said...

I like variety when I'm dieting. Some things that I need are pitas, hummus, sugar snap peas, dark chocolate, and tuna! Not all together of course.

Diandra said...

Things that are constantly on my shopping lsit include
* oats
* low-fat yogurt
* frozen raspberries
* cucumbers
* paprika
* fennel
* low-cal pudding (as a treat)
* apples
* pears
* bananas

Protein sources vary - Quinoa, chicken, beef, salmon, tuna.

And of course there is still the BF who wants to be fed "more normal stuff".

absolut said...

At our house we get bored of having the same type of food all the time. I am always looking for recipes, and coming up with new ideas which I never follow up on. During the week I just try to use whatever is in the fridge, and on weekends I do my grocery shopping, so I stick to the recipes then.
Our go to items items for quick and filling dinners are:
2 pt+ Lite English Muffins (have to order these online from Sam's Club - but they are super cheap and last forever when frozen)
1 pt+ Fat Free Ball Park franks
Laughing Cow
String Cheese
Veggies - mostly lettuce, green peppers, baby carrots and cherry/grape tomatoes.
We LOVE our meat... so Pork is on our menu at least once or twice a week.

And as you already mentioned SF/FF pudding is always great. - We mix it in our dessert 'milkshakes' with fruit, milk, yogurt (sometimes), whip topping, nilla wafers and ice :)

P.S. LOVE your blog!!

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

I love cheese too! I like to snack on apples, protein bars, almonds, yogurts, etc. I need to start adding spinach to my smoothies, that's a great idea. Can you taste the spinach?