Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh Day

Road trip went well. Thanks for all your tips. I snacked on grapes in the car, had a Smart Ones breakfast at home and Subway for lunch. Dinner was chicken and asparagus, but I did have about 3 vodka drinks last night (with Crystal Lite, which is 0 cals, still a bad move tho). No more!

I weighed in yesterday morning before leaving for the good ole road trip because my grandma has a scale that apparently subtracts 10 lbs off what you really weigh because it's from like, 1950. While I'd love to just use that and say I lost 10 lbs this week, it's probably better not to fool myself!

So... I lost 2.0 lbs this week, putting me at 201.5. I'm ok with that. It looks like I'm a steady 2 lbs loss type of person these days if i work out and eat well.

Do you think I can still lose 10 lbs this month?


Kristen said...

Welcome back! I hope your grandma is doing better. when i did my weight loss competition last summer with the local news station everyone else would lose big numbers but then they would gain a pound or 2. I was always a consistant 2pounds loss each week. At the end of the 12 weeks i came 3rd of the females because i was consistant! So enjoy your constant 2 pounds it must mean you are on the right path!!!

Kelty said...

2 pounds is awesome. I absolutely LOVE doing math for weight loss and on Weigh Day say "if I lost this amount of weight every week how long would it take for me to get to my goal weight? or what would I weight in three months?"...those two pounds add up fast!

Congratulations and keep it up!

Diandra said...

Welcome back! And congratulations on your loss!

Wait... does that mean the women in the 1950s were less heavy by default? *lol*

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

You can still do it!! I always used to say "calories don't count on road trips" which usually leads to lots of binge eating. Way to stick with it!

Kelly said...

You are so kicking ass in losing that weight!

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Fabulous job on the 2 lbs! You're doing great!

Brendalyn said...

Good job on the road trip, and good job on stopping at Subway. As I was reading to catch up I was thinking to myself that there was a time that I would have done the same thing. I would have suggested that we stop at Subway. I would have wanted to stop at Subway, but I wouldn't have insisted. But why not? Well I have given that some thought, and I am sorry to say that I wouldn't have thought enough of myself to insist that we take the extra... what? 15 mins to get what I wanted to eat. I'm happy to say that now I would be more specific about what I wanted and needed.
I think you had the right attitude though, even if you were at McD'd you were going to make the best of it. Good for you, because we all know that sometimes the ideal thing isn't available but we still need to eat.
You are doing amazing, good for you! You rock!

Dawn said...

You just keep doing what you're doing because its working.Steady loss and all moving in the right direction.
Hey ANOTHER 2lb takes you under that's worth cheering about