Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Extreme Laziness

Today has been the laziest day ever. And I am not even guilty about it at all!

I am at my sister's place to kind of chill and get out of the way of the movers and what not. And we have just been hanging out watching the Casey Anthony trial that has been on TV all day. Like literally lounging in sweats all day. We even ordered in sandwiches.

But that's ok because come Friday, I will be super busy with the move and getting settled into a whole new place. Sometimes ya just need a lazy day to recharge.

HOPEFULLY... I will get a job (Soon!!), new friends, new routine, new things to do, all new life! Priority #1 tho, is the job!! Bring on the job!

Attitude of Gratitude: I'm grateful for this relaxing, lazy day because hopefully soon I will be nice and active and busy with things!


Kristen said...

we all need mental health days enjoy! this weekend will be nuts with the move

Alissa (A Journey to Thin) said...

Glad you got a lazy day! We all need those once in a while.

Gen said...

I love lazy days. I've been having a lot of those lately though, it's highly time I start working! (Just graduated so I was unemployed for two months). Thankfully I start my new job tomorrow :) Here's to new beginnings!

Thin Lizzy said...

Could be what your body needs to recharge. Hope you are doing well. Shoot me a line, we'll gab!