Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shopping is so much better minus 70 lbs

I used to HATE shopping for clothes. Everything I bought was just out of necessity. And more than likely it would be in some attempt to cover up my fat. Nothing too fitted, nothing too colorful. Most of it was black. None of it was stylish.

Trying on clothes in a store used to be such an emotional thing because I would always leave feeling horrible about my body and myself.

And have you ever noticed that clothes that allow you to cover up tend to be fancier sometimes? Like when I would go out with friends, my skinny friends could wear jeans and a cheap tank top and look awesome. I, on the other hand, would have to find some kind of shirt to hid my stomach, hid my arms, and then I ended up looking like I was "trying." Does that make sense? So I spent more money and still looked worse than everyone else.

But I love that I can pick and choose things I actually want to wear now.When I try things on, they fit! And THEN I decide whether I like it. Before, if it fit, I liked it. Plain and simple.

Today I went shopping for some tops to wear out to a bar or some night out with the girls, which will probably happen next weekend. And it was easy to find some cute tops to wear! I didn't like everything I tried on, but nothing looked horrendous and I didn't leave all sad and depressed. Instead, I got to get some cute tops with nice bright colors, that actually fit and even accentuated my body rather than try to hide it.

It just feels so nice and normal. I never want to have to shop in the plus size section again. Right now, I'm between a 12-14 jeans and am a size large shirt. I'm not at my goal (still have 30 lbs to go), but I feel good with where I am.

Attitude of Gratitude: I'm grateful that I don't dread shopping anymore. I was actually excited to get some new pretty tops.


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Kristen said...

so glad you had a great time shopping!!!

Kelty said...

Awesome! Shopping can really be a great mood boost when things actually fit! And there are so many new shops to look through!