Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May - 5.5 lbs Lost

This month, I lost 5.5 lbs. (Today's weight was 180.8) I didn't meet my goal, but that's ok. The scale is still moving in the right direction, I am still putting in the effort and my clothes are fitting better.

There were a couple obstacles this month, such as 2 occasions where there was cake, 3 weekends where I ate out mostly. It could have been better, but it could have been worse. I did what I could and feel like I have made this weight loss journey into a lifestyle change rather than a diet. That's a good accomplishment- the mental aspect is such a tough hurdle to get over.

I worked out 28 out of 31 days. Most of the time I did the elliptical, but other times I did DVDs or ran/ walked outside. I didn't do much running because the weather was bad a lot. The weather sucks here; either too cold or hot or rainy.

June is going to be tricky. I will be moving at the end of the month, so I might not be able to work out as much as I used to. (July will probably be even worse). I might have to eat out more often, maybe do fast food. There are a couple things still up in the air as far as plans, so we'll see how it goes. I have the right mindset, and losing weight and not wasting time is important to me, so I am confident I will be ok.

June goal: AMAP (as much as possible, probably around 5-6lbs)

Attitude of Gratitude: I have been feeling uncertain about some things in my life, but in less than 2 weeks, I will have many of these questions answered and can sort things out and start really planning.


Dawn said...

I like the idea of setting goals and looking at how you can achieve them in the light of the life challenges going on. If we keep the scales moving moving down, little by little we will lose a lot. Its got to be about keeping moving downwards,
I hope you do get the questions you need answered to move on. Maybe if you DONT get answers, that will tell you something you needed to know too.
I hope it goes well for you

Anonymous said...

You're so close to your goal weight. That in it self is something worth being excited about. I'm sincerely happy for you! Even if you didn't make your goal you have really come a long way. Congrats!!!

Thin Lizzy said...

I just moved. I totally understand the fast food and lack of exercise. However, moving boxes and furniture is a decent workout. haha. I'm trying to adjust to a new living arrangement and my diet/exercise is suffering.

Ann said...

Sounds like you had an awesome month - great job!! :)

Kristen said...

5.5 is a great month! you will do great this month too!

Baby Weight and Beyond said...

Great job last month! You have such a great attitude and will sail through moving!

V said...

I love that you do an end of the month "wrap up". Helps to see what you've done in the past month. Good luck with your move! If you find that you have to get fast food go with chili or small sandwiches and salads. I had to live off fast food for a week this month while vacationing and I grew to love Wendy's chili and ceasar side salads! :)

Ellie said...

5.5 lbs is amazing, you should be really proud of that, and that you stuck to working out regularly! I think your new June goal is great and I know you will reach it.